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GoGo Morrow is not new to the music scene, but after a viral song, the Philadelphia’s rising star is becoming noticed nationally. She has been in the music industry since a child and started pursing her music career seriously when she got back from tour with Lady GaGa in 2012.

With the release of her new Ep Ready, she speaks to how hard it was for her moving from her hometown in west Philadelphia to LA, after feeling like she plateaued, leaving her family and loved ones behind to pursue her music career. “Philly is a perfect training ground for artists, but we don’t have a-lot of the platforms we need to break artists” Morrow said. “I thought I knew who I was, but I really did not know who I was until I moved away– I left everything”.

A great move for her career as she began to flourish. She connected with producer Harmony “H Money” Samuels, who she credits to much of her success. “He respects my artistry just like I respect his so it’s really a great partnership” GoGo explained. “I compare our relationship to like Timberland and Aaliyah, or like Brandy and Rodney Jerkins.”

He helped visualized her song “With You” featuring Symba, which took two years to get the sample of the song cleared by Dr. Dre

Her other Single, that wasn’t supposed to be her marketed single, Don’t Stop, became a single after going viral on social media. “The people made it the single,” Morrow said. “I have to thank the dance community for that. They got ahold of it, and the song has gone viral”.

She also gained the likes of Grammy award winner Kanye West, and was offered to sing in his sunday service choir. An experience she explained she would never forget. “It was a very spiritual experience at times — sermons didn’t necessarily move me in church as a kid, it was always the music.” Morrow said.  “Kanye understood the value and the importance of music and how it can affect your mood, brain cells, it’s literally a science.”

When asked about her coming of age in the industry and where she is career wise, she gave a very humble response. “If you asked me I haven’t arrived, I’m not where near where I want to be. I have to constantly sit and remind myself how fav I’ve come” Morrow said. “I feel like my journey’s longer than a lot of other artists, but I don’t regret it because I know how much longevity I plan to have”

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GoGo Morrow’s album Ready is out now on all platforms and GoGo is currently on The Obsession tour with Eric Bellinger.

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