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What’s You Point With Russ Parr & Armstrong Williams: Tucker Carlson ‘Had To Go’

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Tucker Carlson was once Fox News’ most watched and polarizing host, but this week that changed after it was announced that he had been fired from the network. The controversial journalist is known for his hardline conservative views and fiery rhetoric. Carlson’s exit marks the end of an era for Fox News and could have significant implications for the broader media landscape in the years to come. But why would the network make the decision on letting go of such a popular host? Was it the right choice?




What's Your Point with Russ Parr & Armstrong Williams`

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On this week’s “What’s You Point” it is Armstrong Williams who tells Russ why Carlson had to go.


See a highlight of the conversation below

Russ: Man, I gotta tell you, it’s like the right-wing world is in an uproar. Tucker Carlson being politely showing the door at Fox. You’re always on the inside, Armstrong. I I gotta ask you. What is your inside take on all this?

Armstong: There’s been a massive outcry by conservatives and which has resulted in a drop in viewership and a loss of a billion dollars. But no one seems to want to deal with the fact that they created a very toxic and divisive environment for this country and enable Trump to lead this country to believe that votes were taken from Biden and given to Trump, and therefore there’s this voter fraud that went on and that was just not the case. You know, I’ve known Tucker for a long time, but you just cannot turn a blind eye. If you look at the emails and the kinds of things that you normally said about hating the president. But his viciousness or the people at Fox including Murdoch, calling them liberals and ignorant. It’s just I mean, for someone like us, Russ, who owns our platforms. I mean, when you have an employee who can be so vicious and say those kind of things you tend to believe that they think they’re bigger than the company. And so I think Murdoch and those who are left with he could make to be a very easy decision for them. He had to go.


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