Adam Blackstone talks Emmy Awards, Obama & More with Mina SayWhat!

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Fresh off an amazing roots picnic performance, Multi-Instrumentalist Adam Blackstone stops by the station today to visit Mina SayWhat. Blackstone came as a representative of Philadelphia, giving living proof to kids that you are able to make it out of the city and be anything you want to be.

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2023 Roots Picnic

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Being born and raised in Philadelphia, Blackstone went on to become a Music director, in which his work has won him an Emmy awards and has allowed him to be nominated for an Oscar! Before he heads on tour with Jilly from Philly, He went on to expound on what exactly what his role is behind the scene being a musical director.

“I am in charge of the artist for everything live music oriented — transitioning the music from their studio album to give the viewer a live experience — I have go to dance rehearsals sometimes to make sure my music  accents with the dancers. I gotta go to lighting cue rehearsals make sure the lights is hittin’ every time I do the accents.” Blackstone explained. “It starts with the music, we curate the set list, how we want the flow to go how we want the show to tell a story, and that’s why it seems like I’ve been so successful because it’s really about the music.

2023 Roots Picnic

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Watch the full Adam Blackstone with Mina SayWhat below!


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