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R&B Legend Tweet Gets Inducted in Rochester Music HOF

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Tweet was looking make history in Philadelphia over the weekend. The american singer and songwriter took some time out to speak to Mina Saywhat before her show Sunday. Celebrating the 20th anniversary of her debut album, tweet spoke to Mina about her coming of age music as well as new music.

“Feels like it was yesterday! Everyday I hear twenty years is like ‘I can’t believe it’” Tweet said. “It just doesn’t seem that long ago, but it actually truly is.”

Tweet also went on to acknowledge her influence in today’s R&B music and was humbled that artists of today’s genre choose to model their music behind her blueprint. “It’s totally humbling you know” Tweet told Mina. “I can hear the influence, but I’m totally geeked that people still wanna hear my music and think about me sometimes”

Tweet was also inducted into the Rochester Music Hall of Fame. A special achievement for Tweet as she spoke on the significance of her hometown acknowledging her achievements in the industry.  “I was the first African-American women to be inducted as well, all my family was there so it was very special for me!” Tweet said.

Tweet also went on talk about her time with Missy Elliot, Aaliyah, and other artists she’s worked with!

Watch the full interview below!

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