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Steve Green talks Musical Journey on Classix 107.9!

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Steve Green has been in the music scene for quite some time. Going back to Breakwater days, Steve Green recalls the Philadelphia scene before signing with Arista records back in 1979.

Steve Green talks Musical Journey on Classix 107.9!

“There were bands all over Philadelphia, every neighborhood had at least one band” Green said. “The young people in the neighborhood supported the bands, and we would play cabarets — The people came just to have a good time, and they would have (at these cabarets) three, four, maybe five bands. Sometimes they would have what we call ‘Battle of the Bands'”.

Green explained Breakwater sometimes performed at least three to four cabarets a day just to market themselves. As the band grew popular, Breakwater leaned on more experienced bands to gain knowledge and wisdom on their artistry.

“There was a lot of great music coming out of Philadelphia, and in each part of Philly, each band had their own sound.” Green explained. “Breakwater came out of the Germantown/ Mt. Airy area — as you know Frankie Beverly came out of Philly, they were actually our oldheads.

Steve Green goes on to talk about his transition in music, to his newest group ‘Steve Green & The Elevators’ and talks about the process behind the making of their single ‘Dancing in Paradise’.

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