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Healthy hair, do care! As the temperature continues to dip, the cold air is known to wreak havoc on your strands leaving them dry, and brittle. It’s essential to lock in the moisture to maintain your hair health. According to Master Beautician & Beauty Institute Founder Consquilla Carey, hair masks are the best products to help treat dry damaged hair.

Consquilla is the CEO and owner of Baltimore’s Affordable Styles Hair Salon. In addition to running her salon, the beauty boss owns the CC’s Beauty Institute (a CHI-partnered school) in Richmond, VA, where she shares her passion for beauty by teaching aspiring beauticians skills of the trade while providing insight to help students start their businesses. So, navigating the world of nourishing hair masks is a breeze for Consquilla. 

Hair masks are moisturizing treatments designed to revive your tresses back to their former glory. While it’s normal to see thick and rich formulas floating in the marketplace, there are various options for hair mavens looking to address different needs. So, it’s important to know the ins and outs of utilizing a nourishing hair mask. After all, misuse can have adverse effects on your hair.

If you’re ready to learn how to use hair masks to your advantage, you’ve come to the right place. I had the opportunity to chat with Consquilla about her favorite nourishing hair masks, tips for use, and common mistakes to avoid for desired results.

Here’s the 4-1-1.

Best Hair Masks For Dry Damaged Hair

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1. Hair masks should be used bi-weekly.

As the saying goes, too much of a good thing can become a bad thing. Hair masks are a great treat for your mane, but that doesn’t mean you should utilize the product every wash day.

“I suggest using a hair mask biweekly,” the beautician told Hello Beautiful. “If a mask is used too often it could cause build-up. This process also depends on the hair texture and the condition the hair is in. If the hair is damaged, a person can use a mask weekly.”

2. Be careful not to use too much protein.

From daily wear and tear to consistent heat styling, protein-rich hair masks — made with avocado, egg, yogurt, and more — are known to give hair the pick-me-up it needs. However, Consquilla says that using protein treatments can deliver undesirable results. Excessive usage can cause buildup that will lead to breakage and dry and/or brittle hair. Hence, it’s vital to consult with your hairstylist to create a customized haircare plan.

3. Always follow the product instructions with your hair masks.

In an age where it’s easy for unlicensed beauticians to share advice on social media, it’s important to follow the instructions listed on your products. After all, no one wants to waste money and leave your mane worse off than you started with.

“I suggest not overusing a product,” Consquilla recommends. “When using a mask, make sure you follow the manufacturer’s instructions so the product can work well. It’s very important to rinse the hair thoroughly to make sure all the product is out unless it is a leave-in treatment.”

Consquilla’s Hair Mask Recommendations

1. CHI Argan Oil Rejuvenating Masque ($24.26,

Consquilla shares that this CHI masque is a must-have since it moisturizes the hair and helps prevent frizz. “My clients have a lot of body after using it and regularly use this product at home,” says the beautician.

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2. Chi Brilliant Olive & Motion Deep Protein Masque Strength Treatment ($17.07,

Hair mavens who are on the hunt for oil-based hair masks that leave their tresses with a greasy feel, prepare to meet your match. Consquilla says that this treatment repairs, restores, and adds shine to hair sans the heavy feel.

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3. Ashtae Creme Revitalizer ($14.95,

Ashtae may not be as popular as other brands, but the revitalizer tops Consquilla’s list. “The Ashtae Crème Revitalizer is a spectacular mask,” says the beautician. “It works phenomenally for dry, brittle hair but also exerts well on relaxed and natural hair.”

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4. Naked by Essations Infusion 365 ($26,

It’s common to see hair masks with thick formulas. However, this multifunctional leave-in goes the distance with keeping your tresses in order.

“Most hair masks are creams, but Naked’s Infusion 365 is a liquid,” Consquilla explains. “However, it stays on the hair and lasts up until the next shampoo. While this product isn’t a cream, it is one of my favorite treatments and covers the hair like a mask. It’s amazing for natural hair and hair that tangles and sheds. It has all of the benefits of a hair mask.”

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5. Naked by Essations Honey and Almond Moisture Whip Conditioner ($18.99+,

Another pick from the Naked by Essations line that tops Consquilla’s hair mask list is the Honey and Almond Moisture Whip Conditioner, which she says is her go-to for a mask and steam treatment combination. 

“After three shampoos, I apply it to the hair. Then, I put the client under the steamer while uncovered for ten minutes,” says Consquilla. “As a result, the hair becomes stronger with added moisture.”

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