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Ye aka Kanye West is claiming that he’s struggling to book venues for his concerts, leading him to ask for help in a social media post.

According to Page Six, controversial rapper Kanye West is claiming that he’s facing difficulties in booking venues, to the point where he’s implying that his antisemitic actions may have something to do with it. West made his claims in a now-deleted video that he posted to his Instagram account Tuesday (Feb. 6), with a lisp to his voice – potentially due to the new titanium fronts he’s been sporting for the past few weeks.

“We just sold out the United Center in 7 minutes, and I just want to express to everybody out there to see if it’s anyone that can help with this. It’s the only arena that I had access to in the past year,” Ye began. “And when I call, people say there are no avails for me and you know why that is,” he added, alluding to the numerous episodes of antisemitic comments and outlandish behavior coming from him over the past two years.

“So if there’s anybody out there that can help with this, please do.” West would then follow up that video with another post, where he claimed that his situation was akin to that of Elvis Presley. “I have not been able to perform in a year,” he wrote in the also-deleted post. “Feels like the Elvis Presley movie.”

Six hours after those posts were made, the 46-year-old artist claimed that he had been receiving numerous offers to perform at venues all over the world, sharing the list he received via texts and screenshots of arena dates for cities including New York, Toronto and Los Angeles in addition to Chicago. West would later make a post on his Instagram Stories writing, “Please reach out to Cara Lewis Group for all bookings.” The Cara Lewis Group is a New York-based entertainment representation group that has Travis Scott and Eminem on its roster.

His past behavior has made concert promoters leery with one unnamed source saying as much to Rolling Stone in 2022: “Whether or not it’s intended, by booking Kanye at this point in time, you’re endorsing his words … He needs to walk away from what he said before most venues would work with him.” West would issue an apology to the Jewish community in Hebrew on his Instagram page at the outset of the year.

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