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Detroit is on the rise and so are the people. It’s a city where Black culture is strong. This reemerging city is all about family, friendship, business, excellence and of course, love and marriage. “Love  & Marriage: Detroit” centers on a group of African American families with deep ties to Detroit who have decided to stay in the city and prove they can provide the best lives possible for their families in this community on a comeback. Including this lovely couple, Russell and Colby Harris.

Russell and Kolby Harris are a young couple who have been married three years, and share a two-year-old daughter. Because he considers himself head of household, Russell makes the decision to start attending divinity school before even consulting with his wife, and Kolby is feeling she should be included more in these important family decisions. She is the daughter of a pastor, and isn’t sure she wants to revisit that world for a second time as an adult. 

Russell also runs a non-profit called Soar Detroit which focuses on literacy and sports. Kolby is a rising social media influencer, which causes a rift with some of the more established influencers in the group. The two sit down with our digital correspondent DNA and talk about their favorite parts of the show, challenges in their marriage, and how divinity school almost divided the two!

Colby details that Russell’s ‘surprise’ sign up for divinity school did more harm than good as she reluctant to have to relive her childhood struggles as a ‘preacher’s kid’ (PK).

“That challenge was more rooted in the fact that Russell knew my struggles with being a PK”. Colby explained. “He knew that I lived in a glass box, he knew that everything I did was being monitored under a microscope. I mean I am a grown woman, and had been for years, and people were still going to my parents and saying ‘Hey I seen Colby out and about here. She was driving and she had some boy in the car.’

Russell, on the other hand, thought that this transition into divinity school would be a pleasant surprise to Colby, being as thought his connection to God would be stronger, ultimately strengthening their relationship.

“It literally was not that big of a deal in my head, so when I told her and she reacted the way she reacted, I was so off put.” Russell said. “I was like ‘why is this happening right now’.

The couple were able to work out their differences and are now heading into celebrating five years of marriage. The Russells had time for some fun, telling us who their favorite celebrity couple is, who their favorite TV couple is, and gave some sound advice for any couples who may be going through hardships in their relationship!

Check out the full interview below!


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