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OWN's Ready To Love - New Bachelor Joins the Singles in Fort Worth!

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A new season of OWN’s hit dating series Ready to Love, is currently in full swing in Fort Worth, Texas.

The series, hosted by comedian and actor, Thomas “Nephew Tommy” Miles, is an unscripted reality show that explores the real-life romantic rollercoasters of successful and striking Black men and women in their 30s and 40s as they search to start authentic relationships. Each week, the series follows along as couples start budding romances with the hopes of turning those into lasting loves, all while navigating a variety of twists and challenges thrown out from Tommy along the way.

In the series premiere, there was a surprise early drop-out, leaving an imbalanced number of men and women as they seek their lifelong loves. Tommy Miles fixes that with an eligible bachelor enters the mix! Tommy introduces the Justin, and we see the ladies very pleasantly surprised and excited about what this means for the group. However, that’s not the only curveball thrown out this during this season.

Our RNBPhilly digital correspondent DNA, got the opportunity to sit down with Mieka, one of the cast members from this season’s Ready to Love. Mieka is a professional Esthetician who is 37 years young. She has two beautiful children and is Ready to Love! In the opening episode of season nine, she revealed that she doesn’t want any more children but is open to dating a man with kids.

OWN's Ready To Love - New Bachelor Joins the Singles in Fort Worth!

Source: R1 / R1

When asked how challenging (or easy) is it to be in a relationship and win over children you did not give birth to, her response was one that could easily soothe those who see single parents with young children as a ‘dealbreaker’. “I think it just depends on the ages of the children” Mieka explained. “For the most part younger kids are more impressionable and a little more open to getting to know someone new.”

Mieka gives us some of her Valentine’s Day favorites, Including: Her favorite valentines day experience, what not to do on Valentine’s Day, her favorite romance movie, and her favorite celebrity couple! Mieka also gives some sound advice to anyone out there who is ‘Ready to Love’. “Take your time!” Mieka vocalized. “Get to know your person, get to know and understand how they want to be loved, not how you are used to loving someone”

Check out the full interview below!

You can catch Ready to Love on OWN: Oprah Winfrey Network, with new episodes airing Fridays at 8/7c!


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