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This young producer is blessing the Twitter-verse with mashups from your favorite artists both old and new. Jimir Reece Davis, better known as @loneamorphous on Twitter initially released a mashup of Rihanna’s “Kiss It Better” and Luther Vandross’s “Never Too Much” last month that garnered 1.6 million views and counting. Jimir has continued to post mashups of notable records and it is gaining the attention of many people across the world including Oprah Winfrey.

Jimir tweeted Apple his grievances asking for a new MacBook saying it’s on its “last legs” with a classic gif of Oprah with the sniffles. The tweet that was sent out early Tuesday morning (Dec. 8) caught the attention of the historically charitable Oprah Winfrey as she responded later that day “consider it done” with a gif of herself dancing.

The viral creative is still processing the news and it is safe to say he is quite eager for his new MacBook to arrive.

Jimir Reece Davis is more than a viral Internet sensation or a mashup DJ. He’s a recent college graduate and considered one of the industries “upcoming talents” in the words of writer and producer Issa Rae. He has a passion that lives outside of creating mashups and producing music. Davis has had a passion for filmmaking and music since the age of four, and he began taking true strides on this path within the past couple of years to create a legacy for himself.

In 2016, he created the score for the award-winning, Sundance documentary, KIKI. While studying in a two year bachelor’s degree program for film, he fused his passion for filmmaking and music by creating two feature length documentaries detailing the life and careers of R&B princess Aaliyah and reigning pop icon Rihanna. Jimir’s work speaks for itself as he continuously gets nods from the celebrities in which his work is inspired by. Rihanna took time away from her multiple business endeavors to watch the upcoming filmmakers documentary, and it leaves Jimir humbled as a result.

It’s been two years since he graduated his film program and Jimir’s hopes were to find a job at a trailer editing agency upon graduation. Since then, his work creating mashups afforded him opportunities far beyond his initial dreams. In April of 2018, the iconic songstress Beyoncé used one of Jimir’s mashups during rehearsals for her OTR II tour.

Jimir is a gifted young creative who is slowly gaining momentum to take up his own space in entertainment. The way that he fuses sounds from the 90s with some of today’s hits is just chefs kiss. Fans are enamored by his innate talent to produce these mixes, but he wants people to know he has a lot more to follow up the mashups he leisurely creates. His filmmaking and music has already been featured in countless publications from Billboard to BET, so it is apparent that his work will reach people globally in the years to come.

Davis tweets why he continues to pay tribute to artists he admires simply stating that he is more than capable of working with the greats. This young man is talented and it won’t be long before people are dancing alongside his well-crafted mashups, watching his various films and paying good money to contribute to his success so that one day he may fulfill his lifelong dreams. Remember the name – Jimir Reece Davis.

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