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As NEARLY 300,000 people across the country have died from Coronavirus — the first shipment of The Pfizer vaccines left Michigan earlier today escorted by federal marshals. Large FedEx and UPS vans could be seen pulling out in the wee hours while anxious recipients were more than likely still asleep in their beds with vaccine visions now no longer dreams in their heads. Things just got real.

First to be vaccinated will be seniors in nursing facilities and essential health workers. To instill confidence three former presidents: Clinton, Bush, and Obama have volunteered to take the vaccine first. — This is probably a good thing considering the amount of mistrust that seems to be mounting in some communities as it relates to getting vaccinated.

No word yet on whether President Trump will do the same.   Although The President has said White House officials won’t be the first to receive the vaccine.  — Which probably won’t help with confidence amongst said communities.

Still, the rollout continues and for many, it’s a sigh of much-needed relief. Even the stock markets are reacting with continued growth since the finality of the vaccine was announced. Let’s hope that confidence spills over where it’s needed most.