There is a saying: “after all is said and done there’s nothing more to say and do.“

Yesterday’s electoral college certification vote is just that moment. “All has been said and done.” — In a ballot box designed by Benjamin Franklin himself, Pennsylvania Electors cast the vote that sealed the certification. Apropos since it was Philadelphia, Pennsylvania that also declared Biden the winner in the vote count.

Across the country in state after state after state electors certified the vote giving Joe Biden the win. Again! In spite of threats made yet again to state officials in red and blue states causing some ceremonies to be private for fear of violence. Unheard of up to now in the year 2020. Prior to now, this was at most somethings ceremonial that no one ever paid attention to nor cared about.  It was just another insignificant part of the voting process. That now more than ever has become majorly significant.

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Yet in spite of all that there were no defectors, No, “faithless electors no, “faithless electors“—  everyone voted as expected. That alone was the surprise. In weeks prior there had been lawsuits, and talk of dedicated electors defecting from Joseph Biden the clear winner and giving their vote to Donald Trump. Thus nullifying the votes and desires of over 80 million Americans (an American voting record for a candidate for president) and overturning an election declared secure by both the Department of Justice and the head of voting security.

Nope. Didn’t happen. Everything went as it should have. Which should give all Americans faith in our election and voting process that is the keystone of this democracy.

It is the nail in the coffin. That coupled with the fact that Senate majority leader Mitch McConnell earlier today congratulated “President-elect Joe Biden“  is nothing left to say and do part.

It’s a wrap. The real leader and man in charge now that Donald Trump has lost, Mitch McConnell has spoken.

Moving forward there’s nothing left but congressional ratification ceremonial at best, and then the inaugural. No ones saying this will mean smooth sailing. We’re just saying that officially, it’s over. Joe Biden won. Again.

There’s nothing more to say and do.  —

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