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In his second game as a starter for the Philadelphia Eagles, rookie quarterback  Jalen Hurts put up the kind of numbers a seasoned veteran puts up in what turned out to be a playoff-like atmosphere against the 7 – 6 Cardinals In the warm balmy temperatures of Arizona.  This game had drama, big plays, rare mistakes, hard hits, sacks, highlight-reel runs and touchdowns and more. when it was over Jalen Hurts and the Eagles left it all on the field. Though it wasn’t enough. For Hurt’s efforts. He finished the day with these numbers.

  • 21-of-35 for 338 yards
  • 3 TD’s in the air.
  • 60 yards on the ground.
  • 1 touchdown on 10 carries.

Prompting many to wonder why he wasn’t starting a few games ago and even more to now say out loud the Eagles got a steal in the second round. By finding a guy who came within one touchdown and one final play of bringing his team from behind and over the hump. — Did I mention he also had no interceptions and had to worry about shaky long snapping, holding, and a kicker who was missing in action.  Granted he was sacked twice, and he did make one early rookie mistake by causing a safety with an intentional grounding call after a bad pass…

But he answered later on with a dropped ball which he recovered and threw for a 15 yard gain too tight in Dallas Goddard.

All in all Jalen Hurts looks like a veteran who stays calm cool and collected no matter what’s in front of him.   He also knows what to say how to keep the peace in the locker room when asked the difficult questions about who should be the starting quarterback in after game pressers.

“I  think I hate losing more than I love winning”

“You can’t ask for a better situation, having the ball last, Having the ball last in your hands in the last play of the game… that’s what you want!”

“ those 300 yards didn’t win us the game, whatever it was… “

All direct quotes from a young quarterback with a brand new career in front of him. Throughout the league the reverberations could be heard throughout Twitter and social media, the Eagles got a steal in the second round.

And almost got a steal yesterday. Moving forward some experts think the  Eagles won’t have to worry about “stealing“ games… With Jalen hurts under center…They’ll just flat out win them honestly. These Eagles this Covid-19 season have had a lot of injuries and issues. Not the least of which is a change at starting quarterback and 13 different offensive starting changes in 14 games. Unheard of! And despite of it all, they still have a chance to go to the playoffs. Which any other year and any other season… might seem unlikely. But nothing surprises me in the year 2020. Not even the Eagles.