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Basketball Wives. New night, same drama. Tonight’s episode starts on a lowkey note but the drama picks up swiftly. Malaysia had the talk with her son about how to deal with police but she’s still deathly afraid of the police. She decides to meet up with Officer Norman, a social media superstar and an actual cop who is well respected in his community, to try to get over her fear.

Let’s fast forward a bit. The hook of this episode is that no one seems to rock with Jennifer and Jackie Christie, of all people, is on a mission to be the peacemaker. She wants everyone to put their issues with Jen aside. The moment will come at the launch party for Jackie Christie’s police violence PSA. Speaking of Jen, Tami and Shaunie meet up to have a kiki where it gets reiterated, just in case were weren’t watching the first 15 minutes, that neither Shaunie nor Tami rocks with Jen.

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At this point, Jen’s only friend is Kristen. They meet up to get some grub and Kristen mentions that she thinks all of this is petty. Jen is still trying to do the prissy, I’m not that bad routine. Basically, Jen says she owns the fact that she had the shady conversation with Tami and Malaysia but that Tami is the real monster because she’s the one who brought this conversation back up just to be evil and destroy her relationships with the women in the group. Then Jen says that she has dirt on Tami that she could pull out because Tami talks trash too, and she claims to have receipts.

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Jackie supports Malaysia on the day she goes to visit Officer Norman. It’s rough at first because when Officer Norman shows up, dressed in civilian clothes btw, and reaches out for a hug, it triggers Malaysia to tears. Eventually, Malaysia composes herself and Officer Norman gets her side of what happened to her brother and discusses his policing style and how he actually takes time to get to know people in the community he serves. Hopefully, more officers learn to follow his technique. It’s a productive conversation that seems to have helped Malaysia with her fear.

Now we’re at Jackie’s party. Kristen calls herself getting the facts. She asks Shaunie what makes Jen worse than Tami. Shaunie says her problem with Jen is because Jen knew the information would hurt Shaunie, who would then hopefully hurt Evelyn in retaliation. Basically, Jen’s bad attempt at playing puppet master failed, but the intentions behind it rubbed Shaunie he wrong way. Kristen doesn’t think that’s a sufficient answer. Then Jen shows up and Malaysia questions Jen again about her actions. Malaysia isn’t satisfied with her answers and they all feel like Jen is being contradictory and not owning what she did. Jen claims she has receipts about Tami but fails to produce anything substantial, which makes her look worse. Tami actually has receipts and Jen still looks bad. Tami and Jen start bickering back and forth and Jackie is starting to get nervous because obviously, this is not the appropriate place to do this. Plus, Tami is starting to get really rowdy. Eventually, Jackie’s nervousness turns into embarrassment as the argument gets louder so she steps in to calm Tami down. Because we all know how Tami gets. Ant that’s the end of tonight’s episode.

But what we’re really waiting for is Malaysia to throw that table in Amsterdam. They are taking forever to show this dang episode!


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