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Tyler Perry Gets COVID-19 Vaccine To Help Boost Confidence In it

Source: Christopher Polk/E! Entertainment / Getty

President Joe Biden is getting some help to fulfill his pledge to get 100,000,000 million American’s vaccinated against COVID-19 in his year one of his presidency, and it’s none other than Tyler Perry.

Tyler Perry is here to spread the word that the vaccine is safe.

The life-saving medicine arrived rather quickly, thanks to scientists and doctors working around the clock to find a vaccine to protect people from dying from COVD-19. Donald Trump and his poorly named private-public partnership, Operation Warp Speed, was created to help facilitate and ramp-up vaccine development and delivered on that part and gave much cause for concern regarding people willing to take the vaccine.

Along with the Trump Administration’s poor lack of planning, Vaccine hesitancy has been a thorn in President Biden’s side since he set foot in the White House. African Americans are currently losing the battle in the fight against COVID-19 has emerged as the one group of people who are very wary of taking the COVID-19 and understandably so due to America’s horrid history of experimenting on Black people.

Tyler Perry was one of the people skeptical people about the vaccine. That is no longer the case after he got all of the information and actually received both doses of Pfizer’s COVID-19 vaccine. He talked about his experience getting the shots and reactions after with Gayle King during a CBS This Morning interview. Perry revealed he did it after health officials reached out to him and asked if he could take it to help boost confidence in the vaccine.

“I took my first one Jan. 4, and I took the second one yesterday,” he told King and her CBS This Morning cohosts. “I had no reaction to the first shot. This shot that I just took yesterday, I woke up with some aches and pains. But I took some Advil about an hour ago, and I feel fine now.”

“I didn’t really feel like I could trust it,” He further added. “But once I got all of the information, found out the researchers, I was very, very happy.”

Now-educated on the vaccine, Perry is also hosting a BET special called COVID-19 Vaccine and the Black Community: A Tyler Perry Special, which will air on Thursday (Jan.28) at 9 p.m. EST. It will feature him talking to Black doctors and experts and even show him getting his shot.

The media mogul revealed that his mainly African American crew, who were also very skeptical about the COVID-19 vaccine, are now more receptive to the idea of taking it after being in the room and hearing all of the information.

“I have a crew that works for me, and they’re largely African American people who were all skeptical about the vaccine. When they sat in the room, as they worked on the cameras, and doing hair and makeup…they listened to all the information, and by the time we got to the end of it, they all wanted to take it.”

The special couldn’t have come at a better time as the world is still in the grips of the COVID-19 pandemic that is now being complicated due to the rise of more dangerous virus mutations.

You can watch Perry’s interview with Gayle King below.

Photo: Christopher Polk/E! Entertainment / Getty

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