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Kendra McMillan who is a Senior Policy Adviser for Nursing Practice and Work Environment with the American Nurses Association (ANA) and a Registered Nurse with a master’s degree in Public Health, has pretty much become a regular on the Russ Parr Morning show. She gives helpful and factual information about the coronavirus. Russ says that he has a friend who is exhibiting symptoms but has been denied the test twice at this point. She went to the hospital yesterday and a doctor said that though they couldn’t test her, they were sure that she has the virus. McMillan says that we are not seeing the “broad expansion” of testing that we were promised. The issue with testing is access, and Russ insists that it is not the doctors faults. His friend was told that the major hospital she was at only had 10 tests. They’re having to “pick and choose who will be tested,” McMillan says, and it’s the same for medial equipment. Whatever you do “do not touch your face”and wash your hands McMillan says.

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