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Christmas didn’t stop Love and Hip-Hop New York from giving us the weekly shenanigans we need. Last night’s episode picks up with a reminder that Cyn Santana’s and Joe Budden’s romantic getaway was not the fix they thought it would be. Joe has a problem with Cyn because he feels like he’s the only one who cleans around the house. Meanwhile, Cyn is kicking it with her sisters at the house (as Joe cleans) trying to get them to do her dirty work—no pun intended—by questioning Joe about when he plans to propose. Joe Budden says he will propose when he’s ready but wants Cyn to take some of her “wifely duties around the house seriously.”

Cyn knows who he is so, whatevs.

Let’s fast forward a bit. Kimbella and Juju link up for a kiki, and Juju once again tries to convince Kimbella to put her differences aside with Yandy since she’s about to be going through a similar situation. Kimbella is fronting like she doesn’t want to but we know she will. Later on, Mendeecees calls Yandy from prison to tell her that he spoke to Juelz Santana and doesn’t like the situation between Yandy and Kimbella and that they should talk. Yandy isn’t really into it but we know she’s going to try, begrudgingly, of course.

MariahLynn is back, talking about how she’s serious about her career and committed to not acting like a wild cassowary for the sake of pursuing her dreams and all the mouths she has to feed (her mom, sisters, and nephew). She meets up with Cyn and Nya Lee where they all wax poetic about their grind and their goals. Cyn even says she’s back in the music game and she has been asking Joe to write her a song for over a year but it hasn’t come to fruition yet. However, he did encourage her to take vocal lessons, which she obliges. But then MariahLynn informs her that Joe posted a video online where he filmed all her junk and complained about her not cleaning up. Cyn wasn’t aware of this, but she is now. So, Cyn meets up with Joe later on for a nice meal and to call him out about making her look crazy. He tells her to get up and clean.

She says she doesn’t have time due to the baby and then Joe brings up the fact that he has been asking her to get a nanny for a while because they need the help. Her response is, “Where am I supposed to find a nanny I can trust?” as if they don’t have money and resources enough to hire a professional. She basically gets defensive and he’s coming across as condescending which makes Cyn even more upset, and that’s that. Problem not solved. Where’s Dr. Jeff Gardere when you need him?

Next, Safaree and Jaquae come face to face again at a showcase after MariahLynn performs, and manage to squash their situation. Then Nya Lee gets a moment to address a problem she has with DJ Self. She says Self never put her on to any of his platforms and that she looked up to him as a brother so how could he diss her like that. Meanwhile, Self is looking like:

Because they’re not that close in his mind. Basically, Nya feels ignored and entitled. Self says she could have come to him in private since she felt they were “so close.” Nya gets mad then goes all the way in with the theatrics. She is trying to get that intro credit love next season!

Jonathan’s father recently passed which made him all soft and pink and missing all his friends he fell out with. So, he texts Cyn, Yandy, Juju, and Kimbella to meet up with him. Juju is super confused given that they’re still not quite on good terms. This is about Jonathan trying to reconcile with people who he feels it’s worth saving the relationship since life is short and all that jazz. Kimbella hasn’t arrived by the time Jonathan starts talking about how he has been misusing anxiety pills by mixing them with alcohol and how that has affected his behavior negatively. He goes on to apologize for wilding out on them and expresses that he misses his friends. Juju says she’s ready to forgive and move and then Kimbella comes through. Jonathan apologizes to her too and goes over the spiel again. Kimbella is willing to forgive him while Yandy is just sitting there looking like something stinks the entire time.

Once Kimbella and Jonathan get settled, Juju says it’s time for them to address the elephant in the room. Yandy gets all triggered and stank and replies, “Like the elephant can address it herself.” She pulls Kimbella to the side because she doesn’t want to do this in front of them even though they’ll be able to hear the conversation. They start talking at each other again about who did what and who is talking to who the rudest, etc.

Eventually, Yandy brings it down a bit and actually tries to offer Kimbella support but Kimbella says she doesn’t want it and maintains that Yandy is fake. In Kimbella’s world, Yandy likes to be a social media friend, meaning that she’ll post pictures and captions on social about how she loves them and wishes them well but won’t actually be there. So, that’s that. They don’t move past anything and Kimbella sashes away with an attitude. They’ll probably be beating this horse again and again.

Anyway, see you next week for Love and Hip-Hop Miami and in two weeks for the return of Love and Hip-Hop New York.


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