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"Gorilla Glue Lady" Refutes Claims That She Messed Her Hair Up For Fame

Source: Rachpoot/MEGA / Getty

The “Gorilla Glue Lady” saga continues.

Tessica Brown (40) denies claims and rumors that she purposely put Gorilla Glue in her hair to make money.  The woman who will forever be referred to as “Gorilla Glue Lady” has become somewhat of a polarizing figure since she decided to get on social media and share her ordeal with the world.

Brown has since raised over $18,000 in donations sent to her GoFundMe fundraiser, which initially only asked for $1,500. Her social media accounts have now been verified, and she has even gained international attention for her purposeful but still regrettable mishap.

But, eventually, the concern and empathy she was once getting when her story went viral have now turned to side-eyes with people no longer buying what she is selling, especially when her age was revealed and now reports of her considering suing Gorilla Glue claiming that in the product’s warning that tells users not to get the adhesive on clothes and skin didn’t mention “hair.”

Brown sat down with TMZ for an exclusive interview, and she fired back at those claims stating she would never do anything like putting glue in her head for fame. In the video spotted on HotNewHipHop, she said:

“I was just over the talk shows and the hate groups. I’m over all of that because y’all really—they don’t know me,” she told the celebrity gossip site. “And they got some people out there saying, ‘Oh, well she did this for clout. Put this on my head, let’s see how many followers I get.’ Never. I put it on social media to get help. That was it. I didn’t think for one second I’mma get up the next morning and that many people have looked at this. I didn’t think for one second that this was gone be like, me talkin’ to y’all right now.”

During the interview, Brown revealed that she had tried different remedies, and they were all painful. She also claimed that once she read what Gorilla Glue can do to your head, she decided to start the GoFundMe account to raise money for wigs she will more than likely be needing.

Brown has since been spotted in Los Angeles where she will see a Beverly Hills doctor who will attempt to fix her hair with a lengthy procedure she won’t have to pay for.

We hope that the doctor can come through for Brown so her nightmare can end.

Photo: Rachpoot/MEGA / Getty

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