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Tonight’s episode of Real Housewives of Atlanta is chill, but it will tug at your heartstrings. Cynthia is preparing to send Noelle to Howard University, and both women are nervous wrecks because this will be the first thing Noelle has ever done without dear mama. However, Cynthia is proud of her baby girl and is planning to celebrate. The scene is Lake Bailey, and we’re in the middle of Noelle’s send-off party. Unfortunately, Noelle refuses to come downstairs and has a breakdown where she tearfully explains to her mother that she can’t go and wants the guests who are already there to go home. Mama Bear Cynthia comforts her girl and assures her that everything will be alright. Hold that thought.

In other news, Todd and Mama Joyce aren’t on good terms, which sucks because they had made so much progress. Basically, Mama Joyce made a comment in an interview, that Kandi took Todd from lemons to lemonade, and Todd hasn’t taken too kindly to that because he feels it’s an insult. Mama Joyce says she meant it as a compliment but we all know how shady she can be. So now it’s up to Kandi to try to get them to be cool again. Kandi would like her mom to apologize and Mama Joyce has agreed. We’re nervous about how this goes but let’s fast forward a bit. Mama Joyce and Todd have their discussion and it actually goes well. Looks like all is well in Kandi Land again.

Porsha has a major moment as she learns that her pregnancy is viable. You know she has been worried about this pregnancy due to having had prior miscarriages and her fibroid situation, but she finally has her first prenatal doctor’s appointment. It looks like everything is going well, but the only bummer for Porsha is that she will have to have a c-section due to having a myomectomy.

Now we fast forward a bit and we’re back to Cynthia. She successfully convinces Noelle to go to Howard and they end up spending a weekend getting her settled into her new dorm. Luckily for Noelle, her roommate situation fell through so she has a room all to herself. Finally, the episode winds down with Cynthia and Leon sending Noelle back to campus, alone in an Uber, after a nice dinner. Noelle is still nervous but ready to level up.

Next week it’s Kandi vs. Porsha again and it’s going to get heated, heated.


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