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Marjorie Harvey is facing backlash after posting video of her grandchildren Rose and Elle pretend breastfeeding their baby dolls. In the clip, the toddlers can be seen holding their dolls under their shirts by their chest, which left many of her followers in an uproar.

One commentator wrote,

Steve….STEVE!!!! Cone get your wife. You said they were gonna shut you down in 2019, don’t worry @marjorie_harvey is gonna help you with THIS NONSENSE!! Is this chic SERIOUS???!!!! Those BABIES??? #Sickening #RKellyComing.

And another,

While it’s okay to normalize breastfeeding to Nursing MOMS encouraging your babies to do it FOR ME is a bit inappropriate. But to each is their own. Just keep that same energy when your 5/6 year old kid then puts a baby in her belly and wanna be a Mommy and now your 11 year old child is pregnant and wants to nurse because at one point you thought it was cute and funny. I just think it’s okay to know about it but let’s not it. So is dry humping okay? Making dolls kiss and touch and do adult things too? 🤔asking for myself because those all go in the same “only adults do it category in my house”

Other fans came to Marjorie’s defense, saying,

this is soo innocent.Growing up we did this and put balloons or stuffed animals under our blouses and act pregnant, before we even knew how to pronounce pregnant .Didn’t you see anybody breastfeeding as a child? There is nothing wrong with breastfeeding!!.Nobody is having sex in front of them,they aren’t doing anything sexual.Y’all just need to stop.

In typical Marjorie fashion, she clapped back with “Cleary some of y’all weren’t breastfed,” she clapped back. “Maybe that’s the problem. Some of y’all need a hug.”

Do you agree with Marjorie? Is this just normalizing breastfeeding or inappropriate?


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