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Two Cops Who Showed Support At BLM Rally Also Attended US Capitol Riots

Source: The Washington Post / Getty

See? This is why we have a hard time trusting law enforcement.

It turns out two police officers who showed support to Black Lives Matter activists during a rally were faking the funk cause they also were at the saltine-fueled capitol riots on January 6, which left five people dead and got Donald Trump impeached again.

Rocky Mount Police Sergeant Thomas Robertson and Officer Jacob Fracker were charged a week after a mob of angry white Trump supporters stormed the capitol building fueled by the orange menace’s false narrative that the election was rigged and stolen from him.

After a photograph of the two officers inside the US Capitol Building surfaced in front of a statue of General John Stark, Robertson and Fracker were placed on administrative leave. In the picture, one of the men is seen making an obscene gesture while the other was pointing.

The two officers were caught after Robertson, 48, shared the photo on his Facebook page, pointing out he was “proud” of the moment and that he and Fracker, 29, were “willing to put some skin in the game.”

Whatever the hell that means.

The developments come after both of the officers were photographed with organizer Bridgette Craighead, who helped put together Rocky Mountain’s first-ever BLM rally. According to Craighead, the two men “seemed kind” and bought pizzas and McDonald’s Happy Meals. They even did the electric slide with people attending the rally, a New York Times report released on Monday (Mar.8) details.

In the NYT piece, a photo shows the two officers alongside Craighead holding signs. One of them reads, “Silence equals violence.”

Fracker allegedly addressed Craighead on Facebook, writing, “I can protest for what I believe in and still support your protest for what you believe in,” adding, “After all, I fought for your right to do it.”


The two men, who are also veterans, were charged with disorderly conduct and disrupting Congress’s proceedings. Let’s see if that amounts to some well-deserved jail time.

Photo: The Washington Post / Getty

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