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Jussie Smollett gave his first interview to the media about his racist and homophobic attack, sitting down with Good Morning America’s Robin Roberts on Thursday.

The “Empire” actor attempted to clear up those pesky rumors that he made up the “MAGA” details behind his attack. He stressed that his critics don’t believe the truth, because they “don’t even want to see the truth.”

“What is it that has you so angry? Is it the attackers?” Roberts asked.

“It’s the attackers but it’s also the attacks,” Smollett said.

“At first it was a thing of like, ‘Listen, if I tell the truth, then that’s it, cause it’s the truth,’” the singer said.

“Then it became a thing of like, ‘Oh, how can you doubt that? Like how do you not believe that? It’s the truth.’ And then it became a thing like, ‘Oh, it’s not necessarily that you don’t believe that this is the truth. You don’t even want to see the truth.’”

“I think people need to hear the truth,” he said.

Adding, “Cause everybody has their own idea. Some are healing and some are hurtful, but I just want young people, young members of the LGBTQ community — young, black children — to know how strong that they are.”

The 36-year-old singer also doubled down on the validity of his story, stressing that he knows what he heard the assailants scream at him.

“I didn’t need to add anything like that. They called me a f*****, they called me a n*****. There’s no which way you cut it. I don’t need some MAGA hat as the cherry on some racist sundae.”

“I could only go off their words,” the actor said of the motivation. “I mean, who says, ‘f***** ‘Empire’ n*****, this is MAGA country,’ ties a noose around your neck and pours bleach on you? And this is just a friendly fight?”

Smollett later explained his hesitation in turning his phone over to officials, who wanted him “to give my phone to the tech for three to four hours.”

He continued: “I’m sorry but — I’m not gonna do that. Because I have private pictures and videos and numbers: my partner’s number, my family’s number, my castmate’s number, my friends’ numbers, my private emails, my private songs, my private voice memos.”

As we previously reported, on Jan 29, Jussie was reportedly attacked by MAGA supporters, in Chicago, who brutally beat him and left him with a fractured rib before putting a noose around his neck and pouring bleach on him, TMZ reports. He was treated at Northwestern Memorial before being discharged.

Smollett was reportedly walking out the subway at around 2am when two men, wearing ski-masks approached him and asked, “Aren’t you that fa**ot ‘Empire’ n*gga?”

The culprits reportedly yelled, “This is MAGA country” during the attack.

Days before the incident (which is being investigated as a hate crime), a threatening letter addressed to Jussie Smollett was sent to Fox Studios Chicago with the words, “You will die black f**.”

Chicago Police have released surveillance footage of two persons of interest who are wanted in connection with the brutal and possible hate crime committed against Jussie Smollett.

Meanwhile CNN is reporting that CPD are questioning two people for the actor’s attack.

“These individuals are not yet suspects but were in (the) area of concern and are being questioned,” police spokesman Anthony Guglielmi said Thursday in a tweet. “Investigation continues.”

“The people of interest are alleged to be in the area where a crime was reported,” Guglielmi said in a subsequent tweet.

“They are not considered suspects at this time as they are currently being questioned by detectives.


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