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Epic Flooding Inundates Houston After Hurricane Harvey

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The aftermath of Hurricane Ida is currently underway.


On September 2nd, Hurricane Ida reached the northeast of the US. Northeast states including New York, Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Connecticut were struck by the tropical storm that had previously ravaged New Orleans just a few days ago.


The hurricane has brought…


Massive Flooding.





TD Bank Park Bridegwater, NJ






Structural Destruction.


Central Jersey



NY Subway






Wicked Tornados.


Burlington, NJ



Mullica Hill, NJ



The death toll in New Jersey currently stands at 25 people with 6 people missing. The death toll in New York has reached at least 13 deaths. In Pennsylvania and Connecticut there have been 4 Hurricane Ida related deaths in total.


In Montgomery County, PA there have been 450 water rescues this year alone. Last year there were only 135 water rescues when Tropical Storm Isaias attacked the area.


Power outages within the state of New Jersey have reached nearly 82,000 individual cases. The tornados that occurred within the state were categorized as EF-3s with winds up to 150 mph.


Flooding in Philadelphia hit the Schuylkill River causing it overflow.

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This was the river’s second highest crest at 16.35 feet. The highest was back in 1869 with 17 feet.


President Biden has just announced that he will be heading down to New Orleans to meet with Louisiana Governor John Bell Edwards. From there President Biden and Louisiana officials will be planning to find ways to help New Orleans and its surround areas.


Ida has claimed 6 lives in New Orleans and has left more than a million people without power in the south.


New Orleans’ levee system protected the city from possibly more damage. Although some neighborhoods like LaPlace were flooded severely.


Citizens of the northeast are stating that we weren’t prepared for a tropical storm. NYC Council Member, Ydanis Rodriguez would agree with the sentiment.




The National Weather Service declared the first flash flood emergency for New York City. The Regional Plan Association claimed, weeks prior to Hurricane Ida, that the NYC Subway system is far from real protection from climate change.


Is Philadelphia protected from drastic climate changes? Will President Biden provide more federal relief for the disaster of Hurricane Ida?


We shall see.


What do you think needs to be changed to protect Philly from further climate damage? How will you prepare for the next storm?