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A really old tradition says you should only wear white between Memorial Day and Labor Day. And while we don’t necessarily follow that rule, there are a few women who do.

Here’s what you need to remember when you do!

Stick with nude underwear The only way to guarantee you don’t suffer from any embarrassing cases of overexposure when you wear white is to go with nude undergarments, whatever shade “nude” may be for you. (In a serious pinch, a red bra will work for fair-skinned gals, while darker-skinned women find purple just perfect). The biggest mistake we see when women wear white pants? White undies!

Avoid red wine. And coffee, and red lipstick, and sitting on the grass. It may seem obvious, but we’re always shocked at how many women we see at parties sipping on Mai Tais in pristine cotton dresses. White clothes make such an impact because of their impeccability; one bad stain can instantly take you from hot to hot mess.

Highlight your best feature. You know how black is really flattering and does a great job of hiding everything you don’t want to draw attention to? White has the exact opposite effect, so choose to wear it on the body parts you love best. Wear white jeans to draw attention to a great butt and miles-long legs; stick with a white V-neck top if you love your cleavage. From: Glamour

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