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The socially cognizant and grown folks music artist Rhonda Ross has joined the ticket with her legendary iconic mother, Diana Ross, for a music tour that has proven to be one of the most incredibly electric live concert experiences ever. Full of rousing spirit, remarkable energy, and songs that everyone can sing to, the mother/daughter tag team provides a smorgasbord of sounds for your ears, delivering an extremely satisfying fullness for every musical appetite. The indulging audiences are without barriers as melting pots of all ages and races come together with one accord for the evening – pure enjoyment.

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In case you didn’t know (pun intended), Rhonda opens the show with attitude, spunk, and a very obvious level of creative freedom that transcends through her struts across the stage and her every syllable released in the mic. From her bold and unique wardrobe style to her calming beautiful smile, she enthralls audiences with an imperious delivery of wakeful lyrics and appealing dialogue.

Performing material from her latest CD entitled, “In Case You Didn’t Know,” and more, Rhonda sets to music life lessons on love, happiness, freedom, and the necessity to take moments to just breathe. Her ability to stimulate a rich state of consciousness coupled with her amazingly tangible aura, reels you in so deep that at the conclusion of her set, it is a disappointing realization to fathom that it must end. The only consolation is that you soon remember her mother, Diana Ross, is up next to perform.

Still basking in her Diamond celebration of life after turning 75 this past March, The Boss takes the stage with a majestic entrance to her signature song “I’m Coming Out.” Donned in a full custom gown and displaying a much slimmer physique, Diana Ross, who doesn’t look a day over 47, is full of so much life and amazing energy. It’s nearly impossible for anyone to remain seated and not sing along as she performs a myriad of chart-topping hits that span across several decades. Ms. Ross keeps the ears and eyes of her audience thoroughly entertained with several gown changes as she dishes out familiar tunes such as “You Can’t Hurry Love”, “Ease On Down The Road”, “Upside Down” and others. She also incorporates an audience Q & A segment where she has the house lights turned up and entertains random questions and comments from the audience with no topics off limits. There is undoubtedly a genuine heartfelt connection she has with her audience that clearly demonstrates what she does is not work for her – but an extension of her love.

The glowing bright smile she bears is very familiar as it is the same one the crowd saw minutes earlier on the face of her daughter, Rhonda. The apple surely has not fallen far from the tree in terms of captivating charisma and akin physical attributes. With both Rhonda and Ms. Diana joining forces for this incredible season of shows, you are certain to be immersed in a euphoric eclectic musical experience that will leave you not only wanting more, but also loving them both more today than yesterday and evermore. Follow Rhonda Ross on social media at @TheRhondaRoss and Diana Ross at @DianaRoss.

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