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Steven "Jeranimo" Oliver

Source: Twitter / @JazzUNGang

Hip-Hop fans of a certain age are no doubt well aware of the iconic dance, the East Coast Stomp, popularized by Long Island collective, Leaders Of The New School. The inventor of the dance, Shawn “Jeranimo” Oliver of Rumpletilskinz fame has reportedly passed away.

Few details are known about Oliver’s passing, but Jazz from the group, The U.N., shared a tweet on Monday (October 25) mourning the loss of his Long Island brethren in Jeranimo.

“Rest In Perfection Shawn “Geronimo” Oliver,” read one tweet from Jazz, featuring an image of the late Malik “Phife Dawg” Taylor, Q-Tip, Ali Shaheed Muhammad of A Tribe Called Quest, a woman who appears to be rapper Lin Que, and Dinco D of Leaders Of The New School. In the flick, Phife is pretending to punch Jeranimo, who dramatically appears as if he’s knocked out.

Jeranimo joined the Leaders crew as a dancer and was a part of the larger New School Society that included his Hip-Hop group, Rumpletilskinz, famous for its single “Attitudes,” a high-energy track that showcased the abstract rapping abilities of Sha-Now the Remedy Man, the Capital LS, and Jeranimo with R.P.M. on the boards. Prodigy used the hook in his classic track “Keep It Thoro” and while the Rumpletilskinz only released one album, they have appeared on both Leaders Of The New School albums on the tracks “Sound Of The Zeekers” and “Spontaneous (13 MCs Deep).”

Below is Jeranimo’s verse from “Spontaneous”:

Unstoppable when my mind is amped

I’m a genie and the genie’s coming from the lamp

Wizzy watch me get busy

40-ounce then hit the herb, vision is dizzy

Illy choco spillies into phillies

Causing mathematics static toolies in the attic

So brainwash the wish

‘Cause this is, huh, spontaneous

Rest Powerfully in Peace to Shawn “Jeranimo” Oliver.

Writer’s Note: We would like to properly credit the photographer so any assistance there would be appreciated.

Photo: Twitter

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