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It’s girls trip time on Basketball Wives, and the drama is about to turn up because a few of these immature banshees don’t like each other. The setting is San Diego, in case you forgot, and the episode begins with them settling into their house for the weekend. There’s a lot of tension in the room when they start to gather. Evelyn isn’t cool with Jenn, OG isn’t cool with Malaysia or Kristen, and Shaunie thinks it’s a good idea to get everyone together for dinner. 

Evelyn is adamant that she’s not going to dinner because Jennifer is going, and so is Jenn’s friend, Dominique, who Evelyn also accused of talking smack about her. It’s just a bunch of negative energy. There’s even a moment where the entire group inevitably gets together and Jackie says they need to get rid of the elephant in the room. 

Evelyn tries to get Jenn to own up to the things she said about her daughter…again. Obviously, this goes all the way left. Jenn doesn’t own up to anything…again, and they get to going back and forth…again. Jenn says some slick ish that sets Evelyn off. Evelyn threatens Jenn, surprise surprise. Evelyn even fake tries to fight Jenn. Basketball Wives security ain’t Love and Hip-Hop status but this time they actually do hold Evelyn back. Evelyn throws water on Jenn, Jenn throws water on Evelyn, nothing gets resolved. 

Look, Evelyn is going to have to move on. Jenn is probably never going to admit to talking about Shaniece. In fact, Jennifer reiterates that she never said anything malicious about Shaniece, even though Malaysia, Jackie, and Shaunie all heard it. Then Evelyn directs her anger toward Dominique, and they almost get into it too but security stops them. 

Let’s fast forward a bit.

Now Jenn is with Dominique, Shaunie, Jackie, and OG talking about her mother again aka deflecting. She’s also talking about how she has no one and how they’re supposed to be a sisterhood and that she doesn’t feel the sisterhood again. Then, waterworks. Like, sobbing

This is emotional manipulation but it’s working. The rest of them believe Jenn is being genuine. Not that she’s not hurting, because she probably is, but this has nothing to do with her owning up to the things she said. 

Just when you’re about to finally give up, for real, for real, Jenn says she “May have said some things, and that she apologizes if she ever offended anyone.” This is the closest thing to an admission that Evelyn is going to get. Jackie and Shaunie think this is a breakthrough, so they tell Jenn to come to the group dinner and tell Evelyn exactly what she just told them. 

Shaunie runs and tells Evelyn about the conversation with Jennifer and how Jennifer says she’s lonely, etc. Evelyn comes to tears because she’s struggling to move forward with Jennifer knowing that Jenn won’t own up to her stuff, and this is exhausting. Shaunie tells Evelyn the apology is coming. 

Now we’re at dinner. Jackie puts Jennifer on the spot and asks if she’s ready to apologize. Jenn says she thinks she has done that already. Guess what? Issa backtrack! Jenn, in her confessional, says she’s not talking about it at the table in front of women this has nothing to do with. This makes sense, but she said something to the contrary earlier, so now Jackie and Shaunie are confused and annoyed and they feel like Jenn lied to them, as if they didn’t already know who they were dealing with. Again, Jenn’s emotional manipulation fooled them.    

Things take a surprising turn when Jenn finally gets Evelyn alone the next day and actually apologizes. It’s still a kinda-sorta apology to the tune of being sorry for anything she may have said that was negative about Shaniece and for making Evelyn and Shaniece feel as if she doesn’t love them. Evelyn comes to tears and says Shaniece considered Jenn like an aunt so she doesn’t understand what she did to Jenn that was so bad that she’d do what she did. Jenn gives Evelyn a hug and says she doesn’t want to fight with her and that she’s sorry. An actual, “Sorry!” Finally. They finally agree to move forward.

The drama stops there for this episode but it picks up next week when OG reveals to Feby that she found out about her diss track, and also mentions that she could kill her with her bare hands but won’t. Lordt.

See you next Wednesday.


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