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It’s finally a wrap for season 8 of Love an Hip-Hop Atlanta. We pick up from the results of Karlie Redd’s VH1 sanctioned lie detector test. Basically, Karlie was telling the truth the entire time according to the test. There was no deception indicated when asked if she pooped on Pooh’s sheets, and about whether she had a threesome with Pooh and Hiriam, but the results were inconclusive when Karlie was asked if she was ever sexually intimate with Pooh and if she and Hiriam were ever sexually intimate. The inconclusive results are still shady, but for now, it seems like Karlie Redd told the truth. Pooh, looking like the liar that she is, starts yapping about how Karlie got butt shots on her bed, etc.  

The thirst is real.

They go at it for a hot second until Nina Parker calms them down. Then Mimi adds her two cents about the night in question. Basically, Mimi left Karlie at the house and then all of a sudden, the next day,  #TheBlogs had a story that a threesome happened at the house, which means someone leaked something, but Mimi didn’t see anything. Shekinah even jumps in and says that people do stuff like that in the A. For example, you could just be chilling at someone’s house thinking everything is on the up and up, then all of a sudden they’ll present you with a dildo just to see if you’re down with other extracurricular activities. 

Pooh doesn’t like that at all so she just starts going in on Shekina’s looks but in the end Nina Parker regains control of the situation and asks the court of public opinion, aka the audience, to clap for either Karlie or Pooh depending on who they believe. Most people went with Karlie. So that’s that.  

We move on to another segment where KK is in the spotlight, but then Pooh ends up using that as thee moment to run up on stage and sneak attack Karlie Redd. A lot of people get caught up in the melee, whether they got squashed as security tried to pull Pooh out of the scuffle, or whether they were involved in laying of the hands. KK sure pulled Pooh’s hair, and Tokyo Vanity may have tried to jump in too. Basically, Pooh is highly disliked and the sentiment only gets worse after she keeps getting into it with various people. 


In more positive news, Scrapp apologizes to Moniece for stringing her along and KK drops obvious, but still needed advice: “Freelance sex creates feelings,” and that’s why she is celibate.  

She ain’t lying.  

Next up are Kirk and Rasheeda. Nina asks Rasheeda what she meant when she said there were infidelities in their relationship on both sides. Basically, she meant that the infidelity on her part was before they were married. Translation: She was still just trying to take some of the heat off of Kirk’s awful dalliances, one of which produced a child. Stand by your man, I guess. 

Anyway, Kirk said they’ve been together for 25 years and have decided they can’t live without each other despite mistakes they’ve made and that’s that.  

Then we end the episode on Spice’s publicity stunt. Remember when she pretended she was going to get her skin bleached and all her light-skinned friends, aka Mimi and Rasheeda n’em freaked out? But then Spice was all, gotcha! Anyway, she proved her point. She got the conversation going about the colorism that dark-skinned people face, and her song, “Black Hypocrisy,” and the mixtape it was on did well. Even better, Mimi said she finally got where Spice was coming from when she said Mimi had light skin privilege.  

And that’s that. Next week, we return for the premiere of Love and Hip-Hop Hollywood Season 6.   


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