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MAGA Hats symbolize division and Russ believes his MABA hats symbolize a “better time.” Make America Great Again has been turned into something used to divide us and spew hate. The MABA hat stands for Make American Barack Again which Russ believes stands for love. He was told by folks that only ignorant people would wear a MABA hat, but that’s exactly how he feels about the MAGA hats. Though Obama’s name is in the acronym, Russ says it’s not about Obama. It’s about getting back to “a better place and a better time.” He was also accused of just trying to make money which he says he isn’t, the money made goes to the UNCF.

Obama represented hope and empathy and a time where people at least tolerated one another. That’s a time Russ wants to get back to. The hats can be purchased at

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