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Of all the Wendy Williams health updates following her highly-publicized hospitalization a few months ago — the good, the bad and the contradicting — the latest one that just hit the news is one of the worst so far.

Many outlets are now reporting that the beloved talk show host is fighting to get access back into her Wells Fargo account after a former financial advisor allegedly told the bank that Wendy wasn’t in her right state of mind, fueling suspicions of dementia yet again.

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The Jasmine Brand was able to obtained the documents exclusively, which state that Wendy is demanding Wells Fargo to unfreeze accounts that she hasn’t been able to access for over two weeks. She reportedly asked for emergency action from the court being that “several million dollars’ worth of funds” are being withheld.

More details below via The Jasmine Brand:

“So, why has Wendy allegedly been locked out of her own bank account?

According to court documents and her attorney, Wendy’s former financial advisor advised the bank that Wendy ‘was of unsound mind,’ among other things.

Meanwhile, the petition claims that Wells Fargo has justified its decision to keep her from her accounts by referencing it’s authority under various client agreements to ‘‘pause or reject instructions for a proposed transaction,’ pending judicial or administrative remedies, should they suspect financial exploitation, dementia, or undue influence.’

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Her legal team’s defense is reportedly that the talk show host hasn’t done anything to give Wells Fargo the discretion to pause or reject access to the accounts.

The court docs state that Wendy is suffering ‘imminent and irreparable financial damage.’”

Her legal team wants to settle the matter quickly by way of arbitration, which they’re requesting be done within 48 hours. Sadly, Wendy still hasn’t spoken out herself to confirm, deny or even just give worried fans a personal update on her current condition. As always, we’ll continue to pray for the best.

Read the docs below via The Jasmine Brand, and continue to send lots of love and light to Wendy during this tough time in her life:


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