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Listen to Alfredas break down the latest craziness surrounding the Jenner’s, the Kardashian’s, and Black Chyna, plus what to expect from the Viola Davis & Oprah Netflix special, specifically the award-winning actress opened up about “growing up in poverty.”

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Read some of the highlights from the transcript below.

Kylie Jenner claims Blac Chyna threatened her, tried to kill Rob Kardashian

Alfreas: “I wish that this whole Kardashian Blac Chyna Jenner thing was on Hulu because I would watch this. Kylie Jenner testify that Blac Chyna pulled a gun on her brother and tried to choke him with an iPhone cord and send her threatening text messages. Blac Chyna threatened her I guess via text message.”


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“The reason she did it was apparently because you know Kylie Jenner was messing with her baby’s daddy Tyga. And there’s just so much going on. Polly says the text said I’m counting down the days to beat you up. Kylie says she never reported those threats because she thought they were empty. She also says Tyga, her ex-boyfriend and also China’s baby daddy told her that China had drug and alcohol issues and she actually sliced him on his arm with a knife once before.”


Kylie Jenner, Khloe Kardashian Thought Blac Chyna Hurt Their ‘Brand’

Alfreas: Meanwhile, email receipts show the entire family was opposed to the second season and even wrote that she was worried that Rob & China’s situation would ‘ruin their brand’, not the horrible men that she dated. However, those emails did say that if they got counseling and stay together, they could possibly be part of keeping up with Kardashian’s emails from other people.”

Meanwhile, Blac Chyna wants to do over because she said the Kardashian’s lawyers use psychology against her while she was on the standbys, join her nudies she was not expecting that and they weren’t supposed to do that.

What To Expect From The Netflix Special Event with Viola Davis + Oprah

Alredas: “In the special, Viola Davis talks about her heart her childhood was she’s like they didn’t have utilities like gas or electricity. They had a rat issue. She said she didn’t have soap and she’s like people like just assume people are going to come to school clean but what if you’ve never been to know how to clean yourself. You know, she said they didn’t have clean clothes.”




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