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Nikita G & Kross Marjorie-Rose Source: Nikita G / @nikita___G

Hair artist and brand founder Nikita G gave birth to a beautiful baby girl Kross Marjorie-Rose, affectionately called Krossy, a few month ago, whom her followers watched grow before their eyes. Then one day, Kross showed up on their timelines…bald (and even more stunning). Her little curly baby hairs were gone. Nikita had shaved it all off after doing some research and discovering her baby suffered from eczema a.k.a “cradle cap” — a common condition that caused her baby girl to pull her hair out in itchy patches.

One day, Kross’ Godmother joked about just cutting Kross’ hair all off. “Her Godmother said ‘Why don’t you just shave it off, the poor girl is so uncomfortable.’” What started off as a joke left Nikita pondering for days until she decided to just take the leap. “I called her Godmother and said ‘I’m doing it tomorrow bring a shaver when you come!’ She laughed she thought I was kidding, because I joke a lot. I was absolutely serious. The next morning when we spoke, I said ‘Don’t forget the shaver!’ Of course she came and forgot the shaver. I found a pack of shavers in the cabinet so in my head, it was meant to be. My husband, her Godmother and I went for it and I don’t regret it.”

Eczema is common in babies. “Once I did the proper research I realized how common it was. Indians , Africans, and people from many other cultures do it and it’s completely normal,” she said. “It began with her scratching her scalp and pulling her hair out. It was breaking my heart watching her itch and pull it out to the point it would bleed. Before it had a chance to heal, she’d scratch again right on top of the open sore during her next feeding.”

Desperately seeking relief, Nikita tried some natural remedies that were recommended to cure both. “It would go away and come right back.”

So off it went. In the Black community, hair is coveted as a woman’s crowning glory. So when Nikita mentioned it to loved ones, they begged her not to cut it off.

“Everyone said ‘No’ and begged me not to. They also did not know the reasons why I wanted to do it. I knew I was going to do it anyway, but I was just curious to see how our community would respond to it.”

“A lot of people love my daughter. Whether that is individuals from our online family or our family in the true physical form. I told our families why and when I’d be doing it because I knew they loved her and would want to be apart of whatever journey she goes on. Although some disagreed, everyone respected our decision as her parents.”

“Hair is such an important piece in the Black community when it comes to raising little girls. We already have to face so much because of our hair so I was beyond scared to do this. Her Godmother and I are both experienced beauticians so we did a ton of research before making this decision. In the black community you grow up hearing that your hair is your beauty. I disagree with that completely. I plan to constantly remind her that her hair isn’t her beauty because her true beauty is her character, the person she will be inside.”

Since cutting off all of Ky’s hair, Nikita says “the itching has gone down tremendously because I’ve been able to treat the cradle cap directly. It’s been a beautiful journey.”

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