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Philly Officials Agree to Install 100 Security Cameras at 15 Schools

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In a collaboration between the Philadelphia police; the mayor’s office; the city council and the district; a minimum of 100 security cameras are to be placed in and around 15 public schools in Philadelphia.

On Monday, City Council President Darrell Clarke introduced the new $1.8 million initiative that plans to keep Philadelphia safer. Philadelphia officials announced the new initiative in front of Bartram High School, which is one of the recipients of new security cameras. At Bartram High School a 17-year-old senior was shot and killed after exiting school in January.

Darnell Clarke, during his speech at the school, understands the need to “do something”.

I want to thank the citizens of the City of Philadelphia to recognize the need to do something.

Do something, and you keep hearing that frequently, so today we’re going to talk about doing something by unveiling a security plan as it relates and using technology as it relates to the schools of the city of Philadelphia, where parents need to be able to feel safe, comfortable that their children can come and go to school.

The current list of the 15 schools or areas receiving new security cameras are listed below:

  1. Edison/Clemente School
  2. Mastbaum High School
  3. Bartram High School
  4. South Philadelphia High School
  5. Fels High School
  6.  Lincoln/Meehan/Propel
  7.  Dobbins High School
  8. Ben Franklin High School
  9. Duckrey Elementary School
  10. High School of the Future
  11. Frankford High School
  12. Kensington CAPA
  13. Northeast/Wilson School
  14. Roxborough High School
  15. Harding Middle School

Philadelphia’s gun violence problem has persisted throughout recent years.

In 2021 Philadelphia’s homicide total grew higher than 13% from the previous year, totaling more than 2,000 citizens killed in gun violence. According to the Philadelphia Police Department, to date 94 kids under the age of 18 have been shot. Philadelphia Police’s crime map and statistics reveals that 227 homicides have taken place in the city.

Philadelphia Police Department’s Commission Outlaw believes the cameras will be a “deterrent” for criminals.

We know that we live in an ever-increasing digital age, and the funding request introduced by Council President Clarke will help provide an extra level of security to some of the areas around our schools that are most challenged by the scourge of gun violence.

Now more than ever, we know that the presence of cameras not only act as a deterrent to those who seek to cause harm in our communities, but they also work to capture crucial evidence that is instrumental in the successful prosecution of criminal offenders.

In an upcoming budget meeting, both the city council and police assure that they will need to hire more analysts to survey the new cameras being installed. The city council will also vote on the spending plan within the next two weeks, the proposals are likely to pass.

Do you think the cameras will change the gun violence in Philly? Let us know in the comment section.

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