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With everything going on concerning R&B-vet-turned-convicted-child-predator R. Kelly, many are reminded of his 2008 sex tape trial that could’ve potentially stopped years of further abuse if he’d been convicted in that case. However, the key witness — the young girl-turned-woman being sexually abused by Kelly on video — decided not to testify, nor would her family testify to any wrongdoing.

Over a decade later, with the 12 Play singer being accused of the same exact thing as before, it’s now being revealed that the woman is finally cooperating with authorities in his current Chicago trial.

Her testimony, for lack of better words, is explosive beyond the telling of it.


Now 37 and going only by Jane Doe in official court documents, the woman says her sexual relationship with Kelly began soon after he met her at 13 years old. She alleges that “penetration” began at age 15, and that her and the Chocolate Factory artist had sex “hundreds” of times before she legally turned 18.

More from her jaw-dropping testimony in court below, via TMZ:

“The disgraced singer’s alleged victim took the stand Thursday in Kelly’s federal trial in Chicago, telling the jury she had sex with Kelly over and over as a minor because she was too intimidated to say no.

The woman, who is now 37, says she asked Kelly to be her godfather back in the late 1990s when she was only 13 … and she testified things between them quickly turned sexual.

Kelly’s alleged victim told the jury he first touched her breasts when she was about 14, doing so inside a Chicago recording studio … and claims things escalated to intercourse when she was 15 and he was about twice her age.”

Many already know the woman’s name after online message boards like Lipstick Alley made the connection years ago — we won’t publish it here due to respect of privacy. However, we can only hope that after finally revealing her truth, she can at once heal from experiencing unthinkable child abuse. Also, we pray her family can come to terms with mistakes they made for decades by covering it up all while working alongside the singer on a handful of his albums.

Testimonies in R, Kelly’s Chicago trial are expected to continue at the Dirksen U.S. Courthouse. We’ll keep you updated as more details emerge.


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