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President Biden Speaks At DNC Winter Meeting

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The Biden-Harris Administration has been celebrating wins lately and to continue the conversation, Democratic National Committee Chairman Jamie Harrison stops by the Russ Parr Morning Show. Harrison breaks down the biggest items including the Student Loan Relief Debt plan, Inflation Reduction Act, and the Pact Act for Veterans.

Can the Democrats keep their slim majority in congress after the Mid-Term elections?


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RUSS PARR: You guys have been getting a lot of wins lately. The Biden Administration man with the Inflation Reduction Act, the relief for Student Loans. And I know that you know, there are a lot of folks who have benefited from this, and the messaging needs to be kind of important that, hey, this is beneficial instead of all the complaints we’ve been hearing. But this is huge. It’s got to be huge for your party.

JAMIE HARRISON: Russ, this is so big when you think about what we have been able to accomplish just in two years. Russ, I like to remind people with a 50-50 Senate on a good day, and less than a five-seat House Majority means this Student Loan Debt, I’m going to take out of this will just one set of Student Loan Debt programs that the President now one in four black borrowers who have student loans will see their student loan debt cleared entirely under this plan Just so folks get the context, you know, I was a Pell Grant kid myself. I was able to go to college because it Pell Grants. And there are some people who had to google Pell Grants. But those of us who were always up in the financial aid office know what they’ll grant and we were waiting. We were waiting until those grants hit the financial aid officer that we can get our books and everything else. But under this plan, if you got Pell grants up to $20,000, a debt cancellation for those folks. And for those folks who didn’t get Pell Grants, up to 10,000. Wow. And Russ, you know, that’s just on that angle. If you are a public servant if you’re a nurse, a doctor, your nurse, if you are someone who is a teacher, you work at a nonprofit, you’ve worked in government, this White House is revamped the Public Service Loan Forgiveness Program. And so there are some people who are getting almost the entirety of their loans wiped out, served in public service for over 10 years.




RUSS: Well, let me ask you this, when will this relief hit? When will it be available?

JAMIE: All starting now people can go to the Department of Education’s website. You know, they’re working out the programmatic component of it on the Public Service Loan Forgiveness component, you need to make sure with this new rules that you submit and apply for that forgiveness by October 31. That’s really, really important. There are some other aspects that are going to be important for people to know that President Biden and vice president Harris have kept monthly payments to 5% of discretionary income. You know, for many of us who are paying these out ranges amounts every month on student loans. Well, the President is saying that’s gonna get capped at 5%. Which is going to be big for a lot of people. They’ve also stopped this compounding interest thing that has happened on student loans. I’ve heard so many horror stories from people who said, you know, I had I started off with this and my loans, but now I got more debt than the loans that I borrow. Because the interest kept come back compounded, right? Well, they have stopped that practice as well. So this is going to be such a big thing for so many folks. And I want people to know that 90% of the relief goes to people who earn under $75,000. This is going to the people who needed the most.

RUSS: You know, Jamie, historically, during midterms, the party that’s in power, holds the office of President, they usually are the ones that are going to lose in the midterms. It seems like there’s the Roe versus Wade decision and so many other decisions and things that Biden is doing is changing that, that the Democrats have a fighting chance. Why is that?

JAMIE: Well, it rushed and people have to understand that what the American people want right now is they see that the Republicans are just a bunch of bullets. You see what folks like Ron DeSantis and Lindsey Graham and all what they try to do with Donald Trump, they try to intimidate folks, they try to push them in the corners. And what folks want is for the Democratic corporate to fight back, and what is the clap back on on Twitter, you know, don’t give them an inch. Because if we do, then they’re just going to force us in the corner. Well, it’s time to push back against the bullies in the Republican Party, who are really trying to chip away at all the freedoms we enjoy as American people. You know, our rights for women against around bodies the right to vote for whomever we want to vote for the right to even read and express ourselves in the way that we want to. Republicans are trying to take away all those things. And that’s why this election is so important is about the great contrast. Think about what Joe Biden has done despite the fact that Republicans have tried everything in their power to stop it. The Inflation Reduction Act, which allows us to negotiate the cost of prescription drugs, fight back against climate change. The Pact Act for veterans, those veterans who are impacted, First gun safety bill in 30 years Violence Against Women Act.




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