The federal government is taking broad new steps to ban profiling by law enforcement agencies, bolstering a 2003 policy that previously only addressed the consideration of race and ethnicity in conducting federal investigations, according to a statement released Monday by U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder (pictured). RELATED STORIES: UPDATED: Cleveland Cops Release Video In Shooting […]

“Saturday Night Live” Rags Staten Island Post Grand Jury Decision Staten Island was the butt of many jokes on “Saturday Night Live” last night, following a week of unrest in the wake of a grand jury’s decision not to indict the officer who killed Eric Garner. “Staten Island is like 80% White and 95% cops,” […]

Halle Berry’s custody battle just got a bit messier. The Academy-Award winning star claims to have proof her ex-boyfriend Gabriel Aubry and father to daughter, Nahla 6, has violated the judge’s ruling not to lighten and straighten her hair.  The actress who’s in a bitter custody battle with Aubry, went to court and accused him of trying to […]

Another weekend has passed without a grand jury verdict on Ferguson officer Darren Wilson’s murder of Michael Brown. The level of patience has definitely hit a fever pitch with an announcement of a answer for weeks and Missouri issuing a state of emergency for safety precautions. Following that proclamation, Ferguson protestors orchestrated a provocative “die-in” in front of a […]

One young girl believes she can calm tensions in Ferguson through the power of music, and she’s willing to test out that theory. Protests, marches and riots in the streets haven’t done much to ease things in the St. Louis suburb following Michael Brown’s shooting death. Maybe music might do the trick? At just 7-years-old, […]

Mark Dorch is the suspect who has been charged with the death of Mary “Unique” Spears, the Detroit woman who was shot and killed after rejecting a man’s advances. Two men and three women who were outside at the American Legion Louis Post No. 375 were also wounded as Dorch allegedly sprayed the area in […]

Before Ebony Canion knew what sex was, or how to say “no” to an advance that made her feel uncomfortable, she was molested by a close family member. In the eight grade she was raped in the bathroom of her aunt’s house — a traumatic occurrence she believes led to promiscuous behavior like sleeping with different […]

Another young woman has joined the ranks of great Black gymnasts, and you won’t believe you haven’t heard of her before. If anyone asks you to name a Black female gymnast, you’ll either peg Gabby Douglas or Dominique Dawes. There’s one more that needs to be on your radar, though. You may not recognize the […]

One college freshman found that it really pays to have a plan because she’s earned 14 different scholarships her senior year in high school. Just being a good student isn’t enough to get you into the college of your dreams these days, and good grades alone may not cover tuition. The New Pittsburgh Courier reports […]

Authorities have formally charged a suspect in the disappearance of missing University of Virginia Student Hannah Graham. Jesse Matthew has been on the run for nearly a week as cops from Charlottesville, Virginia, search for Hannah. On Tuesday, Police Chief Timothy Longo announced that the 32-year-old man, who was the last person seen with, has […]