Rihanna’s hairstyles are just like the singer’s music: bold, sexy, and attention-grabbing. Rihanna’s signature hairstyle looks have included bright red hues, jagged pixie cuts, and an edgy take on classic bobs. Rihanna is a trendsetter in the music industry and on the red carpet. Pixie While many celebs opt for Rapunzel-like tresses, one of Rihanna’s […]

Memorial Day is near! Which means, if you follow that old tradition, you'll finally be able to wear white again. At least until Labor Day. So, remember these 3 rules!

Scrubs, masks, and acne treatments can be added to your skincare regimen without dropping too many dollars, and you can find worthy products at a drugstore.

A good night's sleep doesn't just boost your mood, it improves your looks. Here are the most common mistakes so you can learn how to get the best rest possible.

Could you be aging your skin without knowing it? Dermatologists explain the 7 biggest mistakes women make, and how to correct them.

Your kitchen cabinets and refrigerator contents are an inexpensive source of beauty fixes for those of us on a budget. The folks at shine.com share how pantry staples could stand in for your beauty standy-bys:

Mary J Blige, Kimora Lee, Jennifer Hudson, Taraji P. Henson, Angela and Vanessa Simmons were in attendance for Russell Simmons’ 12th Annual Art for Life Benefit held at Russell’s home in the Hamptons. Jennifer Hudson hit the stage for the non-profit effort to raise money! Jennifer Hudson In The UK: “I’m Proof That Dreams Come […]

If you haven’t yet started paying attention to four-time Grammy Award winning artist Ledisi, let me tell you right now, you’re beyond late. In a musical landscape full of pop-singers who are easy on the eyes and light on the vocals, Ledisi is a powerhouse whose soultry voice places her amongst legends like Patti Labelle, […]

Recently, I was asked to promote National HIV Testing Day (June 27th) and came across the startling statistics regarding Black women. So of course, I got to thinking: Why are our numbers continuously rising when the overall numbers of those infected have remained somewhat steady, if not declining? And despite what most people would have […]

A scarlet fever epidemic has hit Hong Kong, infecting more than 400 people, China’s Health Department declared today. Two children have died from the illness, and the Health Department warns that the epidemic may get worse. People who are infected with scarlet fever typically have a high fever and there tongue darkens with red blotches, […]