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If you’re planning your next Halloween party, this post is for you. When you’re done with the kids’ costumes and putting out the candy, it’s time to switch gears to entertainment mode. Planning a last-minute Halloween Party can be fun, especially with Amazon Prime’s 2-day shipping.

Thankfully, there are modern conveniences that can help transform your place into an elegant but spooky lair perfect for costume parties and cocktail fetes. Entertaining your friends is a bit different from dealing with the little ones as it gives more opportunity to play with tradition. Lakarra Clerveaux, Founder and Creative Director of SYP Event Group, recommends changing the color palette for your party to perk things up.

Halloween party cake and children in background

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You can surprise guests with “girlified” flourishes. Daisha Chanel, Director of Programming – Fashion, Beauty, and Lifestyle at Adweek, recommends leaning on lighting and leaving no part of your place untransformed. 

See 9 Amazon prime picks to help you elevate your Halloween party with ease below. 

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9 Amazon Prime Picks That Will Upgrade Your Halloween Party In 48 Hours Or Less  was originally published on

1. Champagne Campaign 

Champagne Campaign  Source:Amazon

Add some dry ice from your local party supply store to this ice mold for a fun effect that will wow your visitors. Fill the mold with flower petals or themed candy.

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2. Swinging Screams

Swinging Screams Source:Amazon

If you’re one of the people who can’t wait until the holidays to have a little fun, put up your tree early and slap on these pretty pink ornaments. 

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3. Fog Machine Dreams 

Fog Machine Dreams  Source:Amazon

Experts suggest using an item like a fog machine to add something special to your next event. Daisha Chanel suggests mixing items “such as atmosphere lighting, a fog machine, Halloween-theme orbs, pumpkins, webs, and lanterns to kick it up a notch!”

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4. Mocktail Madness

Mocktail Madness Source:Amazon

More and more people are sober and curious these days. It is always good to have an option on hand that caters to those who might want to celebrate without drinking.

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5. Ballon Arches 

Ballon Arches  Source:Amazon

Turn the spider motif into a photo opp with a fun balloon arch. 

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6. (Mini) Pumpkin Spice 

(Mini) Pumpkin Spice  Source:Amazon

Use small decorative pumpkins for place settings at dinner or line them through the center of a kitchen island for a fun visual effect. They can also be used to spell out a cheeky welcome message to the ghouls and goblins visiting. 

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7. Magenta Mood Setting Candles 

Magenta Mood Setting Candles  Source:Amazon

“Candles are the perfect way to not only light up the space but are great as an entry moment as well. Line your hallway with them and illuminate the night,” recommends Chanel. “Candles are also a great addition to any event because they come in a variety of sizes colors, and can be creatively displayed,” she added. “Whether they are placed inside a lantern, candelabra, or in a candle holder, candles bring a special touch that will create an elevated and chic experience.” 

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8. Flashing Ice

Flashing Ice Source:Amazon

Adding flashing ice cubes to a punch bowl or premade cocktails is an easy method for making a big splash. 

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9. Fuchsia Floating Gauze 

Fuchsia Floating Gauze  Source:Amazon

Floating spider webs are a Halloween staple. Shock everyone by using them in hot pink instead of the usually cloudy grays and whites. 

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