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2018 Soul Train Awards - Red Carpet

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Unless you’re been living under a rock, you should know that Normani is this summer’s new “It Girl.” And for good reason.

When she dropped her dope “Motivation” video, an ode to 2000s video past, we all got to see how she is the next big thing. That, and her athletic body is utterly amazing, most importantly dem thighs.


So how does the 23-year-old singer get so toned?

She told Modeliste back in 2016 that she doesn’t get too bogged down at the gym, she prefers getting her cardio on stage.

Well, considering my busy schedule, I never really get the opportunity to physically get in the gym. I would say my workout regime would be every night on stage performing hour long sets,” she said.

Adding, “That can be pretty tiring. After I get off stage, I honestly feel like I was at the gym for a good hour, so that kind of makes up for it!”

Well, whatever she does to look for great, we bow down to her. Here are 15 times Normani has motivated us to do those extra reps in barre class!

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