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Fans said goodbye to Insecure December 2021. The final episode of the series debuted on HBO, wrapping up the end of an era for television. The entire cast and crew joined longtime fans on social media to share their reactions of the finale episode and fondest memories of the characters throughout the years. Now that the series is back on Netflix, it has fans talking about all of its wildest, comedic and historic TV moments.

Though everyone’s devastated that the show is over, fans rejoiced in its final moments. Insecure followed best friends Issa and Molly as they deal with their insecurities and cope with an endless series of uncomfortable everyday experiences and truths. The popular HBO series, created by co-star Issa Rae and writer and comedian Larry Wilmore, ran for five seasons. The dramedy series looks into the friendship of two Black women in a unique, authentic way. It features the music of both indie and established artists of color, and touches on a variety of social and racial issues that relate to the contemporary Black experience. In other words, Insecure is in a league of its own, sparking a revolution in Black television.

In last night’s series finale, everyone demonstrated tremendous growth as the episode followed each character’s birthday. It was a full circle moment from the series first episode, which debuted October 9, 2016, where Lawerence forgets Issa’s birthday to present-day where viewers see Lawerence finally celebrating Issa with his now toddler son. The transformations were endless as we see Tiffany settling into her Denver lifestyle whether she loves it or hates it, Kelli announcing her pregnancy and leveling up as the head of a new estate division at Molly’s firm, Nathan choosing himself and ending things amicably with Issa and Molly losing her mom and gaining lifetime love with Taurean. Issa finally seems to find a successful balance in her life with love, career and friendship. Fans see Issa settling into her new office for her business The Blocc, reestablishing love with Lawerence and supporting her best friend.

The truest tear-jerking moment is when Issa looks in the mirror and mirror girl is no longer there. Issa Dee expresses that it was her insecurities never stemmed from anyone else but it was her inner voice the entire time. That is true growth. They all, “woke up and chose confidence.”

Here are a few of our favorite reactions from the series finale episode of Insecure. Thank you to the creators, cast and crew for an amazing five seasons, which has changed the way we experience television forever.

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