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Twitter Reacts To Issa & Lawrence Breaking Up In Insecure Season 5 Premiere

Source: Glen Wilson/HBO / Glen Wilson/HBO

Insecure is back, and so are the emotions the show always invokes out of its viewers. SPOILERS ahead.


The moment we have been waiting for and at the same time dreading has arrived, the final season of the HBO hit dramedy, Insecure, has begun. The first episode aptly titled, “Reunited, Okay?!” sees Issa, Molly, Kelli, Tiffany, and her husband Derek return to their alma mater Stanford for their 10-year reunion, where a whole lot of reflection takes place.


Source: Raymond Liu / HBO

During a panel where Issa falls flat, she begins to ponder her future and her current professional trajectory. Molly’s dating life is back to being in shambles after she and Andrew broke up. After bumping into an old friend with benefits, she’s wondering if she should go back to being more like her younger self. Kelli questions her legacy after a misprint labels her dead while fondly remembered for her ability to do a good stanky leg. Kelli, who has easily become the MVP of the show due to her comedic timing, questions the feeling of only being seen as a joke.

Tiffany is, well, just being Tiffany, but her character did draw the ire of the AKAs. We will touch on that in a second.

Insecure Season 5 premiere assets

Source: Raymond Liu/HBO / Raymond Liu/HBO

There was also a moment where an old friend from Stanford turned out to be only gaming the crew. On the way to Reggae Gold in Oakland, the trio is robbed only to learn their college homie set them up. They would eventually laugh about the pretty scary moment.

The two most essential factors in the heavy 30-minute premiere were Molly and Issa finally repairing their fractured friendship. Molly needs Issa more than ever now after her breakup with Andrew, so she decides to focus on salvaging her most prized possession, her friendship with Issa.

Insecure Season 5 premiere assets

Source: Glen Wilson/HBO / Glen Wilson/HBO

We also immediately got closure in the Issa /Lawrence situation after he revealed to her that he is expecting a child with his previous girlfriend, Condola. After expertly using Lawrence for a ride from the airport, Issa decides to doesn’t want to be a stepmom and dumps Lawrence in what seems to be a very amicable split. Issa was considering moving Lawrence to San Francisco, but that’s not happening now.

Now back to Tiffany, Amanda Seales has been catching flak for rocking the AKAs shield in the episode. Seales took to Instagram to address the weirdos attacking her for doing so in the episode.

It’s only the first episode, but there were plenty of reactions. You can peep them all in the gallery below.

Photo: Glen Wilson/HBO

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Lawrence Hive is gonna be okay.