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Kyrie Irving Says It's Time To Let The "N-Word" Go, Twitter Has Thoughts

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Kyrie Irving is trending once again, and it has nothing to do with getting buckets. Instead, it’s his thoughts about the N-word that is sparking conversation.

The crafty Brooklyn Nets guard became the subject of social media chatter Saturday after both he and Los Angeles Lakers point guard Dennis Schröder earned their first NBA ejections. In the clip, both players get in each other faces after following Schröder complaining to the ref that he was not getting calls with Irving taking offense.

The chirping eventually led to the two players getting in each other’s faces and exchanging words leading to the ref breaking them up. Words continued to be exchanged, eventually leading to both players being tossed from the game.

Further analysis revealed the real reason behind Irving taking things so far. He wasn’t here for Schröder calling him the N-word. You can clearly see the Lakers guard saying “God damn n-gga” as Irving got in his face in the clip. The enlightened baller took offense replying, “Don’t call me nigga bro.” Followed by, “You don’t know me like that. Watch your mouth.”

Irving would confirm his beef with the N-word in a tweet on Sunday, saying, “The N-word is a derogatory racial slur! It will never be… -a term of endearment -reclaimed -flipped NEVER FORGET ITS FOUL AND TRUE HISTORY! Throw that N-word out the window, right alongside all of those other racist words used to describe my people. We are not slaves or N’s.”

Irving’s new stance on the slur that has been turned into a term of endearment among Black folks and the Hip-Hop community has sparked a conversation with some saying negro please while others have no issue with what the pro-hooper is saying.

You can peep the reactions in the gallery below.

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Very true. 


Kyrie has a powerful ally in his stance against the N-word. 


Lol, damn. 








LOL, smh. 


Y’all play too damn much. 


What is wrong with y’all? SMH