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Slick Woods is a new entry on this season of Love and Hip-Hop Hollywood. Rihanna’s muse isn’t a fulltime castmate, but she is dating newbie castmember, Mickey Munday. Wait, soooo…who else is trying to figure out the timing of this? When were they actually a couple? When did they film? When did they break up? She definitely had someone else’s baby last year, but I digress. Apparently, there’s another new entry to the show named Trish. Trish is Akon’s umpteenth wife, as well as an A&R at Konvict.

But here’s where there’s more drama, Trish and Akon broke up for a hot second. When they were broken up, Trish took up with Mickey Munday for comfort. Mickey Munday used to be Akon’s artist. Yes, this is ridiculous. Trish is ridiculous, and her voice is annoying. Anyway, Trish feels some type of way about their relationship (despite being married smh) and made it a point to talk greasy about Slick Woods. #BlackTwitter wasn’t here for it! Here are some of the best responses!


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