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Source: Stephane Cardinale – Corbis / Getty

It’s Jay Z’s 54th birthday, and what better way to honor the mogul than by celebrating his distinguished fashion? The Brooklyn-bred artist is the greatest rapper of all time, but not limited to music, he is a billionaire thanks to his many successful business endeavors. His musical talents, along with his business acumen, have placed him as one of the most influential people in the world. Not only is he notorious for turning his skills into profitable ventures, but the “Hard Knock Life” artist is also credited with creating style moments that have left an inedible mark on the fashion industry.

“Photoshoot fresh, lookin’ like wealth. I’m ’bout to call the paparazzi on myself.” – Jay-Z

Shawn Carter was born in the fashionable city of Brooklyn, New York. He began rapping at a young age and eventually blossomed into arguably one of the best rappers ever. Along with his proficient rap skills came his brazen street style, which evolved into his clothing line, Rocawear. Jay Z owned the white t-shirt, baggy jeans, and white Nike sneaker look that he generally topped off with his signature New York Yankee cap. It didn’t take long for the world to catch on and adopt the Yankee cap as a fashion staple, which is still going strong today.

 “I made the yankee hat more famous than a yankee can.” – Jay-Z

“If you look at the evolution of [Jay-Z]’s style, it’s really indicative of the maturity of his music and the storytelling,” said Jay Z’s longtime stylist June Ambrose in an interview with W Magazine. Adding a line about his personal preference, she revealed, “He likes the ankle cleavage. He likes a certain fit on the trouser. He’s very specific.”

Jay-Z is a Fashion Mogul

Since his debut, Jay-Z has evolved into much more than an artist. He’s a successful businessman married to the phenomenal Beyoncé, and they share three lovely children. His style has also matured, developing into a sleek, low-key look with a tinge of wealth and Hip Hop woven into his swag.

“Wear a G on my chest, I don’t need Dapper Dan – Jay-Z”

Because it’s the day of HOV, and we admire his hustle, we honor the chief by celebrating his debonair style. Jump in below to see how the tycoon “changed clothes” over the years.


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1. Jay-Z in Rocawear

Jay-Z in Rocawear Source:Getty

Jay-Z represented his brand Rocawear often. He was seen here sporting an oversized long sleeve shirt with a diamond chain around his neck. 

2. Jay-Z in Rocawear

Jay-Z in Rocawear Source:Getty

Jay-Z kept it cool in a burgundy Rocawear sweatshirt that he sported with sunglasses and a diamond chain. 

3. Jay-Z in White and Black

Jay-Z in White and Black Source:Getty

You won’t catch Jay-Z too many times without a luxurious piece of jewelry either around his neck or own his wrist. The “Encore” rapper loves to rock his bling. And let’s not forget his signature Ceasar haircut that he made popular. 

4. Jay-Z in All Black

Jay-Z in All Black Source:Getty

If we had to guess Jay-Z’s favorite color, we would say black. The multihyphenate rocks the color often and looks good while doing so. Pictured here, he is performing in a black jacket, hoodie, sunglasses, and pants. 

5. Jay-Z in Prints

Jay-Z in Prints Source:Getty

As Jay’s style evolved, he eventually let go of his signature Ceasar haircut and grew his hair out. He also ventured into wearing prints instead of his usual neutral colors. In this picture, he was captured at a Superbowl game a few years back rocking his locs, a baseball cap, sunglasses, and a floral-print jacket. 

6. Jay-Z in Rocnation Sweatshirt

Jay-Z in Rocnation Sweatshirt Source:Getty

Even though Jay-Z’s style has matured, he still stays true to his causal regalia. He rocked a navy blue Rocnation sweatshirt, some black sunglasses, and a sporty watch to the Super Bowl LVII pregame festivities. 

7. Jay-Z in a Tuxedo

Jay-Z in a Tuxedo Source:Getty

As much as we love seeing Jay-Z in streetwear, the rapper can quickly transform into Shawn Carter by rocking a polished tuxedo. 

8. Jay-Z at the Louis Vuitton Menswear Fashion Show

Jay-Z at the Louis Vuitton Menswear Fashion Show Source:Getty

Jay-Z stole was a moment at the Louis Vuitton Menswear fashion show in a black tuxedo that he wore with no tie and black sunglasses. For extra swag, he chose to drape his coat over his shoulders and unbutton the top of his collar shirt.