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Method Man has been accused of model Jayden Steele for physically attacking her in the 90’s. Steele took to social media to explain why Models and actors in the entertainment industry do not speak up immediately after they’ve been assaulted.

“Being a model for over twelve years and being in this industry, I was physically attacked by a very large rapper in the 90’s, whose actually an actor right now” Steele said. “Ten squad cars were called (to the scene), not one police report was written about the incident. I had five officers come up to my room for a statement, not one police report was written.”

Steele than explains that the attorney who represented her, also represented the of the record label that the rapper was apart of, so when Steele brought this information to her lawyer, he was reluctant to take action and told her to ‘choose her battles wisely’.

After an invested user but the puzzle pieces together, they commented “was it method man? ijs”.

“Yes” Steele replied to the comment.

There are mixed reviews across the internet on these allegations. But overall, fans across social media are not finding Steele’s story credible, and if it is true, they believe that she actually should have been more ‘receptive’ to Method Man’s ‘attack’

“No shade.. method man come attack me!” one user commented. And when I was born I was attacked by this doctor she slapped my ass and told my dad it’s a boy.. She passed away years ago I just want to tell my truth..” read another comment.

See what social media is saying about Jayden Steele allegations against Method Man


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