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Telfar Large Shopping Bag

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It was 9:50am.  I rubbed my hands in anticipation of the Telfar bag drop that was going down in 10 minutes. I smiled as I visualized myself toting the hot pink mini bag to brunch with my girls.  I already styled my fit in my head. 

The clock struck 9:55.  It was almost time. I had my credit card in one hand and the fingers from my other hand hovering over my keyboard. At 9:59am, I refreshed my screen and was ready to hit the ‘add to cart’ button until I saw the words no shopaholic ever wants to see when it comes to a desired item….SOLD OUT! My mouth hung open in disbelief.  

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You know what they say.  When enraged or excited, let it all out on Twitter.  Okay, so no one has ever said that, but this is what our generation does.  And according to Twitter, I am not the only fashionista grieving the fact that she or he could not purchase the new Telfar bag. 

Other Telfar aspiring patrons took to the social media platform to vent about their disappointment in not being able to get the bag. While some flaunted their achievement of securing the bag in us underprivileged folks’ faces.  Check out the spew of triumph and defeat below.      

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@LucyStoole and I share the same sentiments.  Trying to secure a Telfar bag is really taxing on your mental health! 


I’m excited for you @SimoneCrawley!! While I’m holding back feelings of envy, I will still live vicariously through you!  


@Lala_simply, if someone can write an eBook on how to secure a Telfar bag they would make millions! 


@Theesudania, you’re correct.  Everything happens for a reason.  Our time to get the Telfar bag we want is surely coming.  I believe it!   


@TheSydneyCoffee I feel you! I was so heartbroken when the words sold out appeared on my screen.  Do they have a Telfar bag misfit group we can join?  


@Duhmaame, go ahead and let the tears flow.  It’s therapeutic! We will get our Telfar bag before 2030! Keep the faith!  


@KayKingslay you better strut with your hot pink Telfar bag! Do your stylish victory lap because you deserve it *wipes small tear away*!