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Usher Called Out For Allegedly Throwing Fake Money In Strip Clubs

Source: Kevin Winter / Getty

Usher is currently trending, and it’s not because of new music, but allegedly he’s out here making it rain with fake money at strip clubs.

Pole dancers and booty shakers are fed up with Usher.

Stripper pages are exposing the singer for tossing fake bills that have his face on them. Honestly, if true is some very wild behavior. The blog Glock Topickz shared a photo of the questionable bills with one exotic dancer calling the situation “a level of f*ckery” and further adding that “exactly why we stay away from celebs most of the time they suck !!!!!!!! Cheap AF.”

The caption for the post reads:

“#Usher better be careful. He out here throwing Ush-Bucks at the strippers that allegedly danced for him all night, only to find out that the money on the floor had his face on it & not one of them presidents.”

The Neighborhood Talk proved the money is indeed real by sharing a photo of Usher taken on April 3 with his foot on top of clear luggage containing the fake money with his face on it.

Usher has not responded to allegations, but he posted a picture on his Twitter and Instagram accounts of himself rocking a money bucket hat with the money emoji as the caption for both posts.

Twitter has sounded off about Usher’s alleged behavior. One user wrote, “Usher throwing fake money at the girls has me irritated. And I wanna fight him bc what kinda broke bitch behavior?!? Like bitch the pole tricks and throwing ass is equally as hard as any of the dance moves he’s capable of. What kinda disrespect.”

You can see all of the hilarious reactions in the gallery below.

Photo: Kevin Winter / Getty

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Great use of this Usher moment. 




Wait… what? 


Can you throw Bitcoin in a strip club? 


Lol, this is a mess. 




Accurate, lol.