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Two parents go viral after being seen physically reprimanding their child in a public setting. The video shows what appears to be a couple giving a tag team beatdown on a child in a gaming lounge. Sources say the a total of 45k dollars was spent in the duration of the child’s visit.

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Comedian D.L. Hughley caught wind of the post and reshared it to his followers. “Tag team back again!!!” Hughley captioned.


“He spent 45 what onnnnnn what nowwww??!!??!!?? ” fellow comedian David Alan Grier commented. ”

” I’ve been that kid 4 much less so…” former athlete Marcellus Wiley commented.

“I generally don’t believe in corporal punishment, but if you steal 45k from me, I reserve the right to treat you like someone off the streets instead of my child.” Another user commented.

Many questions are being asked: How did the kid even get access to their card? Why did the parents not get an alert from the bank? These are questions we do not have the answers to, but one thing’s for sure. That kid will not have access to their parents credit card again, emergencies only.

See what the rest of the social media world is saying below!


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