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Get Into It With Pruitt ‘How Do I Tell My Wife I Now Want Kids?”

Robert Leigh Pruitt II

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A listener, David reached out to us with a question. Read below

My wife and I have been married for 10 years. I know people always say they are married to their best friends, but she is exactly that for me. I’m blessed. When we met, she told me she couldn’t have kids. I never wanted kids. It didn’t bother me then. That’s changed for me, seeing all of my friends with their children. I want to have my own. I don’t know what to do at this point because I really feel empty every time I’m around other families. How do I approach this?




In this week’s “Get Into It With Pruitt,” our resident Life Coach, Robert Pruitt gives advice on what could be a touchy subject with married couples.

Pruitt says, “The quickest thing I can offer is to write down what you’re feeling. Every feeling is connected to a thought, so if I’m feeling empty, what’s the thought? I need to have something to fill my life. What you may find is that some of the things that you want, even if it is, children can be addressed in a different way. Ss maybe mentoring could be a way that you fulfill that.




Pruitt continues, saying “Or maybe there’s a conversation that they could have together that might bring new awareness and could shift their entire relationship, where now they decide that having a child or children by whatever method might work for them, but I would always start with. Just make a list of what you’re feeling and then look for the thought in each feeling, cause sometimes we want stuff in one area of our life to compensate for something that’s missing in another.”




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