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Chlöe is “In Pieces” With Mina SayWhat

Chlöe is "In Pieces" With MinaSayWhat

Source: Amir Gray / other


Chlöe stopped by the studio to sit down with Mina SayWhat about her newst album In Pieces, how her artistry has grown in music, and filmography, as well as her various roles that she has played recently.

Chlöe is "In Pieces" With MinaSayWhat

Source: Amir Gray / other

Chlöe’s debut album In Pieces was put together thoroughly, was released March 31st, 2023,. The album was destined to do well with production from Hitmaka, Metro Boomin, and The Dream; and star-studded features from Missy Elliot, Chris Brown and Future.

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She spoke on the piece being conceptual in relation to women in relationships.

“This project is really about being vulnerable, broken, and admitting to insecurities, and admitting to when someone or something makes us feel like we are not good enough.” Chlöe explained. “That’s really what I wanted to get across with this project. So to be able to do it the way that I did, I’m really proud of it.”

One of the songs on the album that really resonated with Mina was Make It Look Easy, coincidentally, that was te song Chlöe had the most difficulty putting together. She was going through something and wanted to use music as an outlet. Originally, she wanted to make a twerk song, but it turned into more of a ‘I have something to get off my chest’ piece of art.

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Chlöe is "In Pieces" With MinaSayWhat

Source: Amir Gray / other

“People only see the front facing side of us — but no one see what goes on behind closed doors” Chlöe told Mina. “We all makes it look easy no matter what BS we go through on a day to day”. She also said Make It Look Easy was one of the last songs to make the album. 


Watch the full interview below!

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